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Do this to achieve ATAR success in December

Your big hairy audacious goal might be as vague as “To have an amazing life”.

No matter how big your dream goal, you will need a plan to succeed. If you are an ATAR student you will need a plan that leads to a great ATAR score.


SMART goals are different to big hairy audacious goals. SMART goals are not about dreams, they are about nailing down your dreams into specific, measurable goals.


Example: I will improve my English result by 10% next term by asking my teacher, each week, for feedback and advice about what to work on next.

SWOT Analysis

Once you have your SMART goals, do a SWOT analysis. The SWOT will help you to understand your capacity to improve your ATAR score.

Brainstorm your ideas. Have a friend help or just do it alone.

  • Do STRENGTHS first.
    • Do WEAKNESSES second.
  • Do THREATS last.

Don’t think about your ideas. Just write them down as dot points.

Do a USED Analysis to get your action keys to success

You create a list of actions by doing a USED Analysis on the list of ideas from your SWOT.

Take 10 minutes to go through the ideas in your SWOT.

See how you can Use your strengths. Stop your weaknesses. Exploit your opportunities and Deny any threats.

At the end of your USED analysis, your ideas are a list of actions. These actions are your key to success. By undertaking these actions, you will achieve your goal.

Success Planning

Your USED analysis has given you a list of tasks that will lead you to your goal. Work with your list:

  1. Choose the task that you want to do first. (Break it down into smaller tasks if necessary.)
  2. Figure out WHEN you are going to do the first task.
  3. When will it be finished?
  4. How will you know you have done it successfully?
  5. Create your plan for four actions that you want to do first.


    You are now well on the way to achieving your best possible ATAR score. You have your plan. You know what to do.

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    Give yourself every chance to succeed – ATAR Revision Programs for Senior Students

     Most senior students undertake some form of extra revision during the holidays to give themselves every chance to succeed.

    ATAR is still important

    Final ATAR results are still important as:

    • final offers are made on actual rather than estimated ATAR results. 

    • courses with lots of applicants for limited places will offer those places to the students with the highest ATAR scores. 

    • academic scholarships are usually based on ATAR results. 

    Many schools offer revision programs

    • Your school newsletter will identify revision programs or additional support that your school will be offering. 

    • You can often find semi retired teachers, who have been expert advisors on exam content and style, who are available as tutors. Ask at your front office if they have a list of available tutors. 

    • Some of the best programs are offered by subject specialists who advise on the style and subjects of the exams. Ask your specialist ATAR teachers if there will be an ATAR Exam Information session on their subject.

    Private Providers

    Several organisations specialise in tutoring students in preparation for ATAR, OLNA or NAPLAN exams.


    ECU has run ATAR revision programs in the past. You can find the 2023 program here. 

    Academic Task Force    Academic Group     Academic Associates

    Academic Task Force Holiday Revision Courses are designed specifically for students looking to revise ATAR course content and practice exam-style questions in preparation for exams.

    Students will increase their understanding, receive fresh insights and gain intensive revision of their subject during this short course. Each subject is taught by a  highly qualified and vaccinated ATAR teacher with a strong background in marking and writing exams to increase their performance.

    • Rossmoyne Senior High School 

    • Churchlands Senior High School 

    • Duncraig Senior High School 

    • Perth Modern School

    • Online 

    Enrol HERE.


    Master Classes are one hour sessions conducted once a week in term time. Each week they reteach, revise and reinforce the topics and areas of study that the students are dealing with in their classes at school.

    Masterclasses offer students

    •  Ongoing academic support

    • More confidence at school

    • A better chance of success in assessments

    • Individualised help solving specific problems

    • Small group classes

    Find programs for students from Years 7 – 12  HERE.


    ReviseOnline offers specifically designed multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions in a range of Year 11 and 12 courses which match the format of ATAR exams.

    Once you submit a completed test or exam you’re provided with ATAR-standard sample responses and can evaluate your answers against a fully-worked marking key. All our courses are up to date and WACE specific, so each question you complete is improving your exam skills and ultimately boosting your ATAR!

    Check out the courses HERE.

    The Exam Experts

    Nailing the ATAR and getting the results you are hoping for isn’t necessarily about being the smartest kid in the class. It’s about being well-prepared, knowing what to focus on and understanding what questions are most likely to come up in the exams and how to answer them.

    With the help of T.E.E. Consultants’ July holiday intensive exam revision program, Year 12 students can access ten hours of additional teaching per subject, to truly understand the course curriculum and perform better in exam conditions.

    Students are invited to enrol in up to five subjects in Week One of the July holiday period. Country students can access heavily discounted, full board accommodation packages which offer safe, secure, supervised accommodation on-site for regional students who enrol in at least three subjects.

    Courses are run at UWA and at Murdoch.

    Check their programs HERE.


    At inTuition, each student undertakes an assessment and programs are customised to meet their needs. Tutors are qualified teachers or experts in their fields.

    The office is based in Osborne Park

    You can find their programs HERE.

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    Email for details.

    Save Time Get Better Results with Study Coach

    Evangelist for insanely great careers education in Western Australia

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    Year 12 – Choosing Your University: Tips and Advice for Open Days

    University open days are great fun. They give you a window into what your life could be like when you leave school

    Take your time. Spend 3-4 hours to get the feel of the campus.

    Get a Feel of the university

    University open days give you an opportunity to experience the campus and the university environment. You can get a sense of the university’s atmosphere, the types of students who attend, and what it might be like to study and live there.

    Gather Information

    Attending an open day offers an opportunity to ask questions to academic and support staff members, and also to current students. Students can ask about the courses they’re interested in, entry requirements, career prospects, financial support, and other relevant topics.

    Building Confidence

     Attending open days can help you to build confidence in your decision-making process. By gathering information and asking questions, you can feel more confident in making informed decisions about your future.

    Compare Universities 

     By attending multiple university open days, students can compare different universities and courses, and weigh up the pros and cons of each. This can help them make a more informed decision when it comes to applying for university.

    Going to Uni in WA 2024            

    Going to Uni in WA 2024  is an essential resource for students and parents navigating the complex process of getting to university in Western Australia. It collates information from universities, government bodies, and educational organizations to provide a comprehensive guide for Year 12 students in Western Australia.

    Pick the Best Bits Before You Get There

    • As the day draws closer, each university will finalise its schedule of events, campus tour, displays and classes. 
    • Check the Open Day Program and plan your day.

    On the Day

     Don’t rush. Plan to spend 3 – 4 hours at the Open Day.

    • Book a campus tour.
    • If there are overarching welcome events, make sure you go to those. 
    • Go to course information sessions.
    • Go to subject taster sessions

     Pick Me! Faculty Stands

    Every faculty wants you to enrol in one of their courses.

    Some questions you could ask:

    University lecturers are the experts at the faculty stands who you need to approach with questions like:

    • Why do you love working in this field?
    • What are the career opportunities in this field?
    • What are the entry requirements and pathways available?
    • How long will it take to get the degree as a full time student?
    • What subjects can you choose from?
    • What support is available to students.
    • If you qualify within any support group ask about financial and other support that the university provides.

    If you do not have course prerequisites or think you may not achieve the required ATAR, ask about alternative pathways.

    Find Current Students at the Stands

    There will be current students at most stands. Ask them what course they are doing and what they love and hate about it.

    Optometry pathway for WA students - Optometry Australia
    Curtin University Optometry Pathway

    Ask a student ambassador if they are willing to have a coffee with you.

    • Ask why they are doing the course and if they are going to achieve the outcome they hoped for.
    • Find what extracurricular activities there are. Are there any clubs or teams that you can join now?
    • What can the union offer to students?
    • Find out what they have done about fees, financial support and scholarships.

    Early Offers

    You may be invited to enrol on the spot. Don’t do this.

    Don’t make your career decision based on a brochure and 30-second discussion. If there is a crowd at the stand when you visit, ask for an appointment.

    Don’t sign up at an Open Day. 


    If you plan to stay in university accommodation:

    • Tour at least one of the accommodation colleges
    • Ask where you can find accommodation scholarships and financial support.
    • Watch In Focus Careers News for information about scholarships.

    Book an appointment with a career counsellor

    Even if you are one of the few who knows exactly what course you want to take, book a free appointment with a career counsellor at the university. They may know of:

    • different subjects that you might love
    • support services that you can tap into
    • sports and clubs you can join now
    • financial systems that are available. 

    Get:  Going to Uni in WA 2024

    Going to University in Western Australia: A Comprehensive Guide” is an essential resource for students and parents navigating the complex process of getting to university in Western Australia. It collates information from universities, government bodies, and educational organizations to provide a comprehensive guide for Year 12 students in Western Australia.

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    Is the uni bus right for you?

    Fullscreen capture 28082017 70902 PM.bmp

    Are your friends going to uni? Do you have FOMO? 

    Did the drivers of the uni bus visit you at school and sell you a ride?

    Are your parents frightened that if you don’t get off the bus you will get lost?


    Just because the university bus is ready to pick you up from school, doesn’t mean that you have to get on.

    Maybe you need to wait for the next bus. Maybe you want to get on the backpacker bus. Or the travel bus. Or the Harvest Trail bus. Or the job bus.

    If you are not sure what to do at uni, DON’T GET ON THE BUS.


    Defer University for a Year

    If you are not sure what course you want to do, you can still apply for a place at uni and, once you get offered a place, defer taking it up for a year.

    After working for a year you will have a clearer idea about which units to enrol in.

    Check out Year 12 What Next? Gap Year Ideas for 2022.

    The Uni Bus Fare is Expensive

    Buying a uni course is not like buying a car. You can’t sell your used course to the next buyer who comes along.

    If you get off the bus before you get to the destination YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY. 

    If you fail, you still have to pay.

    If you change courses, you still have to pay for the part you used of the one you left behind.


    There are hundreds of courses available through TAFE. If you are unsure what course you might like to do or how to enrol find a Jobs and Skills Centre near you for career guidance.

    Many TAFE courses are now on a free list. 

    You can do a trade course or a course that reflects 21st Century jobs in cyber security, dental technology, and agriculture.

    Lots of TAFE courses earn credits at uni. 


    Still not sure which ride is best for you?

    If you are tired of trying to decide what to do and feeling overwhelmed by your choices it may be time to think about hiring a Certified Career Advisor to guide you towards your ideal next chapter.

    Contact me for a confidential discussion at M:0434056412 or

    Infocus Careers is an independent organisation which is solely supported by insanely great subscribers who share information with me, support each other and help me to pay my bills.

    I can talk about careers under water so if you would like to chat about how I can help you to improve your career or the services you deliver, give me a ring on 0434056412 or email me at


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    Work smarter ideas to kick start your 2023 school career program

    Career educators are doing their planning for 2023. These ideas may help as you draft your schedule around exams, and other school priorities while balancing your workload. 

    University Opportunities

    West Australian Universities are getting more competitive in their efforts to engage with schools.

    It is easiest to engage with the university that is closest to your school.  Undergraduate degrees are pretty similar across universities so it may be the most successful strategy to get the university closest to you and get them to negotiate a career support strategy for the year.


    • Career Advisor Visits – University career advisors will come to your school expos and will give presentations to year groups. You can book them in now for 2023.
    • Subject experts – Subject experts will come and deliver customised classes to large groups. Murdoch runs seminars, like STEM, creative arts and HASS workshops. You can book them now. 
    • Mentors – Uni students who are building their leadership experience can be matched as mentors for students at your school. You can ask your year 11 and 12s if they are interested and ask your local uni if they will do this in 2023. 
    • Career Cafe – Uni students can be provided by unis faculties. They are stationed at a table and give 15-minute briefings to students and their family members at a Career Cafe. You can schedule this for 2023.
    • Uni-based events: All unis have open days, information evenings, A Day as a Uni Student, Portfolio Application, and campus tour events. They are posted on the uni sites. Give the information to your senior students and ATAR teachers. Make time to put this information into staff notices, senior school notices and information that you send to parents. 

    VET Opportunities

    VET delivered in secondary schools

    This useful tool provides schools with prompts and questions to help research and choose suitable RTOs to enter into auspicing arrangements with to deliver VET qualifications to their students.

    Year 9 Taster Program

    This was the big initiative for 2022.  Many schools have found the benefit of showing Year 9s how their study has practical applicability in the workplace.

    Year 9 is the perfect time to introduce students to the world of work and to help them to expand their worldviews. Read about what others are doing at the Year 9 Taster Program HERE. 

    Year 9 Career Taster program grants can support your priorities. 

    Building Trades

    • Construction Futures Centre You can’t go past the Construction Futures Centre for state-of-the-art career experiences. You can book an excursion online for students at any level. They have open days scheduled throughout the year. 
    • Brick and Block Careers You can have a school-based Brick and Block trade try-a-trade or go to a special training centre to learn more about this high-paid career. 
    • If you have ideas or if you are looking for ideas about specific building trades get more information from the Construction Futures Centre

    Agriculture Careers

    • Muresk Take the kids on a tour of Muresk. It is always good to go in spring to see the lambs and calves and the canola blooming. If you are interested in any particular pathway, tell them what you are interested in when you are booking so that they can get industry experts to talk to your school group. 

    Jobs and Skills Centres

    Jobs and Skills Centres will provide information about any career path in vocational or university courses. Some specialise in helping migrants or Aboriginal students. They provide career tests, help with resumes and interview skills and know about work opportunities. 

    Opportunities with Industry

    Work in partnership with one of the organisations that have been set up to help schools.

    The KIC Education Development Program (EDP) was created to improve this understanding, and to create pathways for the students in the region’s high schools to enter the industrial workforce.

    • Industry Training Hub Armadale
    • Industry Training Hub Wanneroo
    • Rotary Find your local Rotary Club and ask them for guest speakers, tours of businesses, work experience and mock interviews. 
    • Industry Training Councils  Every industry is represented by one of the eight Industry Training Councils. If you can’t find an expert to advise a student on an industry, ring a training council for information. 
    • ASK: Just ask for support. I have never found an industry unwilling to help a school student to find a career path. If you don’t know who to call email me and I will ask the In Focus Careers network for help. 

    School Community

    Start with easy supporters. 

    • School alumni – Former students are passionate about helping kids at their school. Don’t just go for people who have already started their own businesses, or succeeded in their careers. Students who have dropped out of TAFE or uni, students who have left apprenticeships, and students who are at uni and doing well, all provide real stories that your students can relate to. 
    • Canteen workers and P&C volunteers. Ask those who are already engaged with the school through the P&C, canteen or sports or spiritual endeavours to support your careers program.  

    Work Experience

    A great work experience coordinator will have a pool of precious employers who they support and nurture for ongoing work experience opportunities. They coach, beg and threaten students to ensure they appreciate those employers!! They publicly thank the employers for their support. 

    If you don’t have a pool of employer supporters, contact your school community and industry contacts (above) for help. 

    Annual Career Planner


    I put out the draft 2023 Career Planner with the last In Focus Careers Newsletter for 2022. If you didn’t get it, let me know. 

    An updated version will be sent out with the February issue of In Focus Careers News which will be waiting for you when you get back from your Christmas break. 


    Subscribe to the only careers newsletter in Australia, designed to provide comprehensive monthly coverage of local trends, ideas and new approaches to the career challenges for school students.

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    Don’t get on the uni bus unless you know where it’s going

    At a recent university seminar for career practitioners, one speaker complained about West Australian school leavers not going to uni. 

    No wonder they aren’t going.

    • There is such a critical skills shortage happening that employers are ringing schools asking if there are any suitable students for great jobs with career prospects. Students can walk out of school and straight into a job with an okay salary.
    • The State Government has been pouring money into vocational education and training. There is a bigger variety of courses, they are cheap or free and many give credits to uni degrees.
    • Uni courses are expensive.

    Why would you go to uni?

    Those who are not sure what uni to go to, or what they want to study, still get onto the uni bus because:

    • Their friends are going to uni and they don’t want to be left behind.
    • The uni bus came for them while they were at school so they bought a ticket.
    • Their parents told them to get on the bus.
    • Teachers knew about the uni bus and talked about their experiences in a positive way.

    Just because the university bus is ready to pick you up from school, doesn’t mean that you have to get on.   Maybe you want to get on the backpacker bus. Or the Harvest Trail bus. Or the VET bus. Or the job bus. 

    Very few students are 100% sure of the university course that they want to take. About 30% realize that the course they are studying is not the right one for them, and they change direction. Others drop out altogether and end up feeling like they have failed. 

    Check out Leaving  Year 12? These gap year ideas may interest you

    If you are not sure what to do at uni, DON’T GET ON THE BUS.

    The uni bus fare is expensive

    Buying a uni course is not like buying a car. You can’t sell your used course to the next buyer who comes along.

    • If you get off the bus before you get to the destination YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY. 
    • If you fail, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY.
    • If you change courses, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY for the part of the course you used before you changed direction.

    You can estimate how much your degree is going to cost you by using the UWA fees calculator 

    Defer uni for a year

    If you are not sure what course you want to do, you can still apply for a place at uni and, once you get offered a place, defer taking it up for a year.  

    After working for a year you will have a clearer idea about which units to enrol in.

    Check out the ideas in Going to Uni in WA – Mind Map for Year 12

    Vocational Courses

    Vocational Education and Training has been the winner in the post-school revolution in Western Australia.  In an effort to support industry, the West Australian government has been introducing short courses, skills sets, and employer subsidies. Industry has been partnering with training providers to deliver skills on the worksite.  There are hundreds of courses available. If you are unsure what course you might like to do or how to enrol find a Jobs and Skills Centre  near you for careers guidance. It’s free. They can tell you what courses will give you credits at uni. 

    You HAVE to do post-school learning

    You can’t just leave school and never study again.  Okay, you can, but poverty could be your lifelong friend.

    • People who have post-school qualifications earn more money and have more life choices.
    • The world isn’t going to stop changing just because you aren’t learning new skills.

    You need to keep up with changes in the world of work either by learning on the job, or online or in a classroom. Getting tickets, qualifications, and recognition for your learning will help you to have choices and steer your career in different directions. The skills you gain may even get you credits in some units at uni. 

    Take Your Time

    More haste less speed is an old saying.

    It means, don’t rush into things. 

    If you are not sure what direction to take, slow down and look around. There are many directions to take as you leave school. Uni is just one of them. 

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    Scholarships for Year 12 Academic Superstars

    Universities love academic superstars.

    They all offer scholarships to attract the most academically gifted students to their university. 

    These sites identify key academic scholarships at West Australian universities. There are many scholarships for you to apply for. 

    This is your place to shine

    Don’t stop at applying for one scholarship. This is your place to shine. This is where you find the resources to support yourself while you are studying at university. 

    Check Mistakes Students Make When Applying for Scholarships and How to Avoid Them


    If you have a high ATAR you will automatically be awarded the Curtin Excellence Scholarship if you’re a domestic year 12 student, graduate with an ATAR of 96+*, have an eligible Curtin course as your first preference and accept our main round offer:

    If your ATAR is 96 – 96.99, you’ll receive a one-year scholarship valued at $5,000.

    If your ATAR is 97 or higher, you’ll receive a three-year scholarship valued at $15,000.

    2024 Curtin ATAR Achievement Scholarships (Closing Date: 01 Dec 2023)

    For students who have achieved an ATAR that exceeds their predicted ATAR by 3 points in 2023 and wish to pursue an eligible undergraduate course at Curtin University.

    [More info…]

    2024 – Curtin Excellence Scholarship (Closing Date: 19 Dec 2022)

    Students who have demonstrated academic excellence through their ATAR in 2022 and wish to pursue an eligible undergraduate course at Curtin University.

    [More info…]

    *Medical school students are ineligible for this scholarship.

    Prestigious Scholarships

    See Tips for Applying for a Scholarship



    Academic Excellence Scholarships provides financial support to students who have been recognised for their outstanding academic results. These Scholarships are available to both Domestic and International students across all study areas.

    View all Academic Excellence Scholarships


    Edith Cowan University logo

    ECU Excellence Scholarship is open to Western Australian year 12 school leavers displaying outstanding academic excellence. You will be considered for this scholarship when you select Edith Cowan University as your first preference on your TISC Application. The scholarship offers a payment of $2,500 per semester (or pro rata for part time study) for a total of $5,000 per year for the duration of your course.

    Science Excellence

    High performing students can apply for ECU Science Excellence Scholarships valued at $15,000, based on their ATAR. Available for qualifying candidates interested in science or computing & security courses, successful students receive $15,000, paid as $5,000 per year over 3 years once they enrol at ECU. 

    Learn more.

    See ECU Excellence Scholarships

    MurdochMurdoch University > CareerHub | Australia's largest and most active student recruitment network, for more than 10 years.

    With over $2.5 million in scholarships awarded every year, students from all walks of life are enjoying the benefits a scholarship can bring. Unlike loans, scholarships do not need to be repaid so you can spend more time focussing on your studies. Whether you’re a domestic or international student, new or continuing, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available.

    See Murdoch Excellence Scholarships


    Notre Dame

    University of Notre Dame Australia - Wikipedia

    Twenty students will receive support to kick-start their university studies thanks to The University of Notre Dame Australia’s new suite of scholarships.

    The scholarships, worth up to $20,000 each, will be awarded to students commencing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 2022 on the basis of equity or merit.

    Scholarship recipients will receive $10,000 in their first year of study and $5,000 in subsequent years of their degree (up to 3 years).

    See Notre Dame Excellence Scholarships

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    Pathways from High School in WA Video Presentation

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    Are you going to uni next year? Find out where, what, when and who you want to meet.

    You can use the skills you developed when coming to high school to guide your transition from high school to uni.

    12 year old girls

    Tip 1: Where

    Online Study V On Campus 

    Get your student number and connection to the internet sorted. You will be given instructions about how to do this around Christmas time with the offer that comes after the final TISC results come out.

    If face to face classes are available on campus, go to them. Uni is so much more than curated information about different subjects.

    Lecture theatre

    On Campus Accommodation

    If you CAN stay on campus, do that.

    We want students to stay at the on campus accommodation, whether they are from South East Asia or South Perth.

    Professor Harlene Hayne, Vice Chancellor Curtin University

    St Catherine's College, Curtin

    St Catherine’s College Curtin

    There are people employed by residential colleges who have knowledge, networks and power to create an amazing university life for you. You will make friends for life, get help with study and create networks that will lead to jobs. 

    $$$$$$$$: Check accommodation scholarships HERE.

    Public Transport

    If you will be taking public transport to uni, figure out the best route and timetable and find out how to get your SmartRider ticket.

    Tertiary SmartRider



    Not being able to find parking when you are under pressure can break you.

    Get your parking stickers/app during the holidays. Find where you can park and where to find parking during peak hours. Try to find free parking, although most good free spots will be taken by students who have been at uni for a while. D7 at Curtin Bentley — StudentVIP

    Campus Layout

    Go to movies, food van markets, play sport or join clubs on campus. Each baby step you make to become familiar with your uni will make your transition easier.

    Walk around the campus. If you are doing engineering, go to the engineering building. Check out the room and lab locations. Find the library.

    Whatever course you are doing, find your buildings and know where your classes will be held BEFORE Orientation Week.

    Tip 2: What Subjects

    If you aren’t certain which subjects to take,  do a uni prep course – its free and it will help you to make better subject choices. You will be able to go to the same campus as your friends who are leaping into their degree straight away, and you will learn enough to be clear about what course you want to do before you start your degree. 

    • About 30% of students change courses as they find out more about their degree. This is an expensive path to take. Each subject/ unit at university will cost around $2000. You can check how much each unit will cost on the UWA Fee Calculator.
    • Only 26% of university students go straight there from school on their ATAR results. Consider taking a gap year before you go to uni. You will expand your world and get clearer about what you want to do next. Check out Gap Year Ideas 
    • If you are worried that you won’t ever start to study again if you stop studying after Year 12, go to uni and choose broad subjects that allow you to specialise later, when you know more about the course or working in that industry.
    • In response to COVID disruption ALL universities in Western Australia have significantly increased the amount of support that is available to future students. Use the free career advice that is available at every university.

    Tip 3: When – Timetable

    Lectures, tutorials and workshops will be scheduled throughout the week. You choose your timetable.Your school timetable is a good model to follow when choosing your class times.

    Treat uni like school. Organise your timetable so that you go to uni every day. Don’t be tempted to pack your scheduled times into a few days and just go during scheduled times. Spend your “free time” doing your research and assignments. 

    If you treat uni as a job, with a 40 hour week and some good study planning you are on a good path to success. Schedule breaks where you meet your friends and where you play sport or engage in club activities. A mix of work and play is what you need to have a great time at uni. 

    Tip 4: Friends

    The friends you make at uni can stay with you for your entire life. 

    There will be so many people to choose from. If you go to Curtin, there will be about 50,000 people to choose from. If you go to Notre Dame in Fremantle, which is our smallest uni,  you will have about 6,000 to choose from. 

    If you pick clubs or sports or volunteer activities from the amazing choice that is available, you will find friends there who have the same interests as you. You can join clubs during Orientation Week. 

    If you arrange to stay at university accommodation you will meet lots of new people there. 

    So just 4 Tips

    1. Decide what uni to go to and how to get there.
    2. Decide what to study, or at least choose a path that will help you to decide. 
    3. Look at timetables for this year. The chances are that they won’t change much next year. You will be able to draft your study timetable  before Orientation Week. 
    4. Look forward to meeting a bunch of new, wonderful people who like doing the same things that you do. 

    Get clear, unbiased career information for West Australian school students and educators.

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    Pathways from High School Video Presentation for Senior Students
    Get on track to uni in WA 2023
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    University Open Days Tips for Years 9 -12 students

    In years 9 – 12? Go to uni open days

    University open days are starting in March this year. 

    Curtin University 3 April 2022

    ECU South West 27 March

    ECU Joondalup 10 April

    ECU Mt Lawley including WAAPA 1 May   

    Murdoch 19 March 2022

    UWA 27 March

    Going to a uni open day is like going to a show. There are food vans, exhibitions and demonstrations and interesting people to meet, who WANT to convince you that their course is fantastic.

    Curtin University Open Day

    Check out the Worksheets at the bottom of this post.

    Year 9 Tips

    Start learning about life at university in Year 9. Check out the food vans. Listen to the music. Go into buildings and see the latest tech tools, computer games and research. See what workshops are on. Find the library, the shops and the toilets.

    Year 10 Tips

    Explore and Experience Try stuff. There will be people inviting you to engage with practical experiences in their subject. It could be VR. It could be checking out the latest medical research, making a short movie using their studio. All faculties will have practical experiences for you to engage with.  Do it now.

    Year 11 Tips

    Get an authentic experience. Engage with current students. Build on what you have learned in years 9 and 10 visits by asking questions of both students, academics and staff.  Check out presentations and exhibitions to see what you will gain most from and register for them, or just make a schedule of where to be and at what time.

    Year 12 Tips

    This is it. You need to be able to build from your other Open Day experiences. You will know what faculties to visit, and you will have a range of questions to ask. By now you should have narrowed down your options and you will be able to ask specific questions about subjects, industry engagement opportunities, mentors, support programs etc. You will know which presentations and demonstrations you need to revisit.