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Create a Great 21st Century Career

  I am finally thinking about positive things. 

An amazing opportunity and great people.

Loved discussing ideas and the possibility of getting projects happening.



If you are reading your horoscope to discover your ideal career path you are looking in the wrong place. There is a world of professional information and advice available to help you to unearth your skills and values and set you on your path to a rich and fulfilling career.

I provide career guidance counselling for schools, organisations and for individuals.

I use values-based transformation strategies to help you discover the gifts that you can’t see for yourself. Whether you are just starting out or looking to change, my experience will help you to start your next chapter.


Teachers, students and families. This is the fastest way to discover what new career opportunities are available in WA. Subscribe to find news of Uni and TAFE career events, scholarships, deadlines, apprenticeships, growth opportunities and the latest advances in the emerging world of work.


  • No other generation of parents has had to face so much change.  Learn how to be a great career partner to your kids.
  • Understand global trends, the impact of robots and the 21st century world of work. Discover strategies for becoming a future ready citizen.
  • Medicine is by far the most difficult course to get into. Find out how to get into each WA universities’ medicine course.


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Create your great 21st Century Career. M: 04340564121

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