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Careers Heroes Needed

Be the careers hero students and families need. Tap into a network of amazing careers teachers and experts. Subscribe to the In Focus Careers Newsletter. 

People accept that you:

  • have the gift to see career possibilities that they can’t see for themselves, and
  • that you know the best path to take to an amazing career. 

The In Focus Careers Newsletter helps busy teachers to become well informed careers heroes without the stress of constant research. 

Thanks Bev. Your newsletter has become my bible. I will most definitely be subscribing next year. 

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My insanely great monthly Newsletter is your conduit to becoming a careers pro. 

  • There is a section for you to send out to students and families so that they know about opportunities as they emerge;
  • There is a section for careers teachers with events, resources and research;
  • There is a careers calendar with events and deadlines listed for months ahead.

Join 110 West Australian schools that subscribe to the

In Focus Careers Newsletter

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For a complimentary copy of the latest issue email me: 

June 2019

Check out the information available with a complimentary copy of my insanely great newsletter.     


Caring more is my unfair advantage.


Thank you for such wonderful work throughout the year. (XXXX) SHS has found your newsletters to be so very, very helpful. We are so appreciative of your efforts and look forward to the 2019 issues. (Top ranking metropolitan government school.)

Thank you for all your hard work with the newsletters this year, they have been a Godsend. (Eastern suburbs Catholic ed school.)

I have to say Bev your emails, newsletters, website and Facebook are wonderful! Such a valuable resource you offer. Being in this new role it is wonderful having everything so organised and easily accessed… thanks for a great publication/service! (VERY remote West Australian school)

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

For In Focus Careers Information to support every careers teacher to become a hero for students and families I:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year.
  • Search for local, national and international information that could impact on the careers of West Australian students.
  • Connect you with the insanely great In Focus Careers network of careers teachers and employment, education and training providers and supportive parents.
  • Listen to and support West Australian careers teachers

M: 0434 056 412


Hi, I’m Bev Johnson

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An insanely great careers teacher may have changed my life.

After washing cars and working in bars I became an English teacher and set up a program that helped students to find their path to their dream career.

I went into TAFE where I designed employment programs for youth and women returning to work. I designed training programs for industry and worked in HR. 

I am now the chief evangelist for insanely great careers education in WA. I shine a light on what is possible as the world of work revolution threatens to knock our lives off course. 

You can tap into my insanely great career news and information by subscribing to my newsletter. Contact me at or M: 0434056412



















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