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Huge changes, like leaving school can be paralysing. Time to get your Career In Focus.

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Call the Expert

My presentations focus on exactly the right information for you. I design presentations so that you get the information you need to make the right careers decisions.  For a FREE consultation email me:

RRR Support

Students in RRR schools are disadvantaged when it comes to leaving school. (Independent Review into RRR Education). I work with schools to design a program that addresses the greatest barriers faced by your students. For more information go HERE or email me at 

Careers Guidance

Go HERE for more information if you:

⇒ Know where you want to go but can’t figure out your best pathway?

⇒ Have some idea of what you want but want to be confident about your decisions?

⇒ Are absolutely lost and don’t know which way to go?

Contact me for a FREE consultation on how I can support you to get your career in focus.



Careers Blog – for those who Care about Careers

I want West Australian school leavers to be the best prepared school leavers in Australia.

I get excited about how the world of work is evolving and angry at lots of things. I blog my opinions all of the time. You can join the conversations by subscribing to blog posts.

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Hi, I’m Bev JohnsonBust Small 72dpi

I started my career as an English teacher in Western Australia and quickly added a pastoral care role to support kids and help them to find their purpose.

My career lead through education to the TAFE sector, into business development, through ICT systems development and human resource management.

My purpose was always to have fun while learning ways to make the world a better place.

I am now having a great time unearthing new ways to help young people to make the giant leap from school into their best future.

You can tap into my information and advice by subscribing to my newsletter, getting me to speak to your group or support your school. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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