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Preparing Students for Life After School

Preparing Students for Life After School

Senior School Student with Parent

Senior School Student with Parent

Senior school students are woefully unprepared for life after school.

WE want our kids to do whatever makes them happy….

THEY don’t know what that is.


In Focus Careers is for parents, grandparents and teachers who want to help prepare their school students for life after school.

Careers Newsletter

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This is your monthly shot of reliable, current career news about events, opportunities and learning resources.

It includes advice that will help you to KNOW what is going on and DECIDE what you would like to know more about.


Each month the In Focus Careers Newsletter delivers news of:

  • Events – career expos, campus and faculty tours, information events.
  • Deadlines – scholarships, enrolment dates, UMAT applications.
  • Opportunities and competitions for motivated students.
  • New and changed courses.
  • Grants and scholarships.
  • Career research news.
  • Teaching and learning resources.

There are two types of subscription:

  1. Schools or Organisations – Up to 10 staff can be on your email list. By subscribing you are given copyright permission to reuse newsletter information within your school or organisation’s community.  Cost $250/year
  2. Individual or Family Subscription. – For people who are keen to help their school aged students to have every opportunity to find information and experiences that will lead to good career decisions. Cost $100/year

I have found your material invaluable.  The information you have put together is thorough – a one-stop-shop in a sea of information that is out there.  I have utilised this information on a regular basis with others throughout the school.

(South metropolitan government high school.)

Thanks for the latest e-mail Bev, and for all the information and inspiring ideas over the year. Since I have become a part of  the (In Focus Careers) network I have grown in knowledge and motivation to really make a difference for our young people. 

(South west regional government high school.)

Thank you for such wonderful work throughout the year. (XXXX) SHS has found your newsletters to be so very, very helpful. We are so appreciative of your efforts and look forward to the 2018 issues.

(Top ranking metropolitan government school.)

Thank you for all your hard work with the newsletters this year, they have been a Godsend. 

(Eastern suburbs Catholic Ed school.)

Information Sessions for Parents, Grandparents and Families 

If you are drowning in career information you will not know what bits are good, what bits are rubbish and what bits you need to help your students to reach their potential.

What is it you need to know??

  • How to make sure your Year 10 succeeds in senior high school?
  • How to help your Year 11 to adjust to ATAR demands.
  • How to support your Year 12 in their vital senior year.


I provide information sessions on university, vocational education and apprenticeships, getting into medicine, how to have a gap year…

These presentations provide you with the right information at the right time to help your students think critically and make wise choices about their path when they leave school.

I help middle and primary school students to develop bold career goals.

HELP!! How can I support my student?

For a FREE consultation email me.

Teachers’ Workshops

In even the most enlightened schools there is little understanding of the crucial need for comprehensive careers education. Careers educators are typically isolated and have little power to influence school policies and procedures within the school.

Emerging models of careers education must be incorporated into school priorities if we are to prepare students to be ready for the changing world after school.

Teachers’ workshops showcase the efforts of trailblazers who are piloting new ways of preparing students for 21st century careers. Careers educators learn about new teaching resources, extra curricular opportunities for growth and how to engage community and industry in collaborative career development endeavours.

To arrange a free consultation on the best way to increase your capacity to provide current, reliable and useful careers information to 21st Century Citizens contact me.


It is easy to get worried about where young people are going to end up when robots and artificial intelligence take over jobs.

I get really excited about how the world of work is evolving and blog about it all of the time. You can join the conversations by subscribing to blog posts.

Fullscreen capture 20092017 45041 PM.bmp

Hi, I’m Bev JohnsonBust Small 72dpi

I deliver the right career information at the right time to help families and teachers to help school students make bold career decisions.

Please tap into my advice and information via my newsletter, talks, workshops and blog postings. Contact me at or M: 0434056412


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