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I wanted to pass on my appreciation and admiration for the work you do with your newsletter and resources. Every month there is something that resonates with me about the “why” of our jobs.

South Metropolitan Catholic School

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I have found your material invaluable. The information you put together is thorough – a one-stop-shop in the sea of information that is out there. I have utilised this information on a regular basis with others throughout the school.

South Metropolitan Government School

Your newsletter gets shared around our organisation. I can’t image how long it would take if everyone had to do this research for themselves.

Large Western Australian Training Provider

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Year 10 with computer
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I just wanted to thank you for such a good newsletter.

Now that Txxx is almost 13 I am finding some great personal reasons to read your newsletter too – quite apart from the excellent PD in keeping my knowledge up to date. Trent has registered to attend a free WAAPA workshop from your Newsletter that we would not have known about otherwise! He is pretty happy to be attending a free Jazz Vocal Workshop.

Rebecca Herbertson, BetterLink Business Consultancy and Training Mother, former CDAA WA Divisional President

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