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In Focus Careers delivers essential career information that saves teachers and career professionals time and makes them West Australian career experts.

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Through the monthly newsletter, teaching resources, events and presentations, In Focus Careers delivers new approaches to career problems of today and tomorrow to students, their families, teachers and career professionals.

I wanted to pass on my appreciation and admiration for the work you do with your newsletter and resources. Every month there is something that resonates with me about the “why” of our jobs.

South Metro Catholic School

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I have found your material invaluable. The information you put together is thorough – a one-stop-shop in the sea of information that is out there. I have utilised this information on a regular basis with others throughout the school.  

South Metro Government High School

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Careers WA for Adults

I come across careers information for adults every month as I am putting together the In Focus Careers News for schools. I have collated it in this monthly supplement because so many people have no idea what is available or where to start looking.

I hope it helps you to create a better life for yourself.

Infocus Careers is an independent organisation which is solely supported by insanely great subscribers who share information with me, support each other and help me to pay my bills.

I can talk about careers under water so if you would like to chat about how I can help you to improve your career or the services you deliver, give me a ring on 0434056412 or email me at

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