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Leaving school is one of the few giant leaps you make in your life. As you leave school you can face a yawning chasm of uncertainty in front of you.

If you know school leavers you know stories like these:

Katherine’s school gave her NO HELP in choosing what uni course to do.

Dylan just gave up in Year 12. He lost direction.

Tom didn’t know what to do, so he started uni. He dropped out, then he thought he was a failure and got really depressed.

We got so worried about how stressed Sarah was getting that we let her leave school before she did her final exams.

I am pissed off that students aren’t prepared for life beyond schools.

angry woman

You don’t have to get a great ATAR or even to finish your WACE to succeed.

  • Universities and TAFE colleges are breaking down barriers to enrolling in many courses. You can try alternative pathways as soon as you leave school or go to work for a while then apply for entry directly via an interview.
  • You can check online career quizzes for help deciding what direction to explore.
  • There are hundreds of career events and places to go to find your options.
  • There are scholarships, competitions, clubs and labs that broaden your options.
  • Governments provide free career information both online and face to face.

In Focus Careers links you to information and advice that will help you to build your bridge to your future.

Careers Newsletter

The Careers Newsletter is your monthly fast track to careers information and opportunities.

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Copy information from the In Focus Careers Newsletter into your school daily notices and school newsletters. It is packed with information about events at universities, training opportunities, awards, scholarships and tips and tools for teachers. Contact for a FREE sample of the October Careers Newsletter.

Individuals and Families  

Give your kids every chance to unearth their dreams. Tap into my expertise to uncover a wealth of career events, new courses, competitions, emerging trends and scholarships available to West Australians.  Email for a FREE sample of the October newsletter.

Information and Advice

Your career questions could be answered most quickly through a professional, customised service that specifically targets your needs.

Tap into my extensive knowledge, experience and networks. I deliver presentations to small groups and conferences, workshops, professional development programs or one on one career planning.


You can find more career advice and tips on my blog.

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It provides a mix of information that will help students to grow their world and transition seamlessly from school into their ideal future.

Please Share

Please share information you hear about information sessions, competitions, awards, scholarships and courses.

You can email me and I will share your information so that all students can make informed decisions.

Hi, I’m Bev Johnson

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If you are tired of not knowing what is available and what is possible, it may be time to think about consulting a qualified, professional career advisor to set you in the right direction. Contact me at or M: 0434056412


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