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Is the uni bus right for you?

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Are your friends going to uni? Do you have FOMO? 

Did the drivers of the uni bus visit you at school and sell you a ride?

Are your parents frightened that if you don’t get off the bus you will get lost?


Just because the university bus is ready to pick you up from school, doesn’t mean that you have to get on.

Maybe you need to wait for the next bus. Maybe you want to get on the backpacker bus. Or the travel bus. Or the Harvest Trail bus. Or the job bus.

If you are not sure what to do at uni, DON’T GET ON THE BUS.


Defer University for a Year

If you are not sure what course you want to do, you can still apply for a place at uni and, once you get offered a place, defer taking it up for a year.

After working for a year you will have a clearer idea about which units to enrol in.

Check out Year 12 What Next? Gap Year Ideas for 2022.

The Uni Bus Fare is Expensive

Buying a uni course is not like buying a car. You can’t sell your used course to the next buyer who comes along.

If you get off the bus before you get to the destination YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY. 

If you fail, you still have to pay.

If you change courses, you still have to pay for the part you used of the one you left behind.


There are hundreds of courses available through TAFE. If you are unsure what course you might like to do or how to enrol find a Jobs and Skills Centre near you for career guidance.

Many TAFE courses are now on a free list. 

You can do a trade course or a course that reflects 21st Century jobs in cyber security, dental technology, and agriculture.

Lots of TAFE courses earn credits at uni. 


Still not sure which ride is best for you?

If you are tired of trying to decide what to do and feeling overwhelmed by your choices it may be time to think about hiring a Certified Career Advisor to guide you towards your ideal next chapter.

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