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Alternate Pathways to University

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giphy.gif 2The pathway programs are free at all universities although quotas have been introduced so numbers are restricted.

Portfolio Entry 

This pathway is available at a number of WA universities. Demonstrated proof of your abilities via a portfolio of evidence of your academic achievements and abilities, or demonstrated proof of your ability. Portfolio entry is not just restricted to the creative arts.

Course Provider


 Curtin Step UP – You may be eligible for Step Up if you meet socio-economic or educational disadvantage criteria. If you are eligible got an ATAR Score between 60 and 69.95 Curtin will automatically bumped up to 70 which is Curtin’s minimum ATAR requirement.

StepUp Bonus – this also depends on the applicant’s eligibility, however this gives them an extra 5 bonus points if their ATAR is above 70.

Portfolio Entry  – is not only for the creative courses; it is applicable to courses like Education, Science, Commerce and Health.

Uni Ready Enabling Program – this program is designed to help you gain entry into a range of Health Sciences, Humanities or Curtin Business School undergraduate courses. In terms of the age limit, applicants must be past the compulsory school age (generally that’s about 17 years old).

Enabling Course in Science, Engineering and Health – this course also has the same age limit as UniReady. Depending on their course weighted average, completion of this program will meet relatively higher entry requirements and subject prerequisites, too.

Curtin College offers courses that can result in entry to second year of Curtin’s Bachelor degree program.

Thanks for the update from:

Christine Lim Future Student Advisor | Curtin 



On Track – a 14 week course that prepares students for entry to a course with a minimum ATAR requirement of 70.

On Track Sprint – a 4 week course run over the Christmas holidays that may prepare you for entry to a course with a minimum ATAR requirement of 70 or less.

TLC10 – prepares students to apply for Murdoch through a 1 day per week course that runs all year in Mandurah and Rockingham.

Portfolio Entry – you can gain entry to courses that rely on creative talent in media, games art and design and creative writing, photography and web communication via a portfolio demonstrating your work + a number of hoops like WACE and English competence.

Murdoch University Preparation Course – year 11 and 12 courses are combined in this course.

 ECU Uniprep

This is a 6 month full time course or 12 months part time.

Portfolio Entry – ECU offers the largest choice of course entry via portfolio.  You need to provide an introductory letter, resume, academic records and references.

 UWA UWAY – You can apply for alternative entry to an undergraduate degree course through UWay if your academic achievements have been adversely affected by certain disadvantages.





Foundation Year – this is a year-long program designed to prepare you for university study.

Tertiary Pathway Program – 13 weeks for people who have not met entry requirements. This is available in Fremantle and Broome.

See details about Student Enabling Programs at the Notre Dame site.

 Aboriginal Flag All Western Australian universities and TAFE colleges have Indigenous Entry Programs and specialised support to help students to succeed in their studies.



Central Queensland University is making its presence felt in WA. It has some exciting alternative pathways that are new to WA and they may be a pathway for you into university. 

TAFEStart your degree at TAFE and finish at university. TAFE courses often provide credit points towards degrees. Check your local college for specific courses details.
North Metro TAFE Higher level TAFE courses provide credit points for university.

TAFE is more like school than university so your transition from school to further study will be easier.

South Metro TAFE
North Regional TAFE
South Regional TAFE
Central Regional TAFE

If you are overwhelmed or sick of trying to make your way through the maze alone contact me at or on M:0434056412

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