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Fullscreen capture 20092017 43950 PM.bmpIn order to overcome the dearth of careers information available to Western Australian school kids I sit around most days (or stand at my new adjustable desk) drinking coffee, doing research and writing the most fantastic West Australian Careers Newsletter on the market!!

The In Focus Careers Newsletter is the product of years of work in education, training and business. I call on friends and colleagues or follow up leads in weird places to flush out information that will help our kids to compete in the global career game.


Each issue is packed with news of events at universities, training opportunities, awards, scholarships, apprenticeships and tips and tools for teachers. It also provides summaries and links to research on trends and predictions for the world of work.

I get so pissed off that careers education has such a low profile in WA yet every kid stresses about what they are going to do when they leave school.

If you do half of what I advise in my monthly newsletter you will be well prepared to glide seamlessly from school into your blissful future!!!

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