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A quick trick for choosing a Green Career that resonates with your values

Gen Z’s understand that all forms of work are critically connected to the environment. 

96% of Generation Z’s care about climate change. 

That was the message from Dan Pankraz at the ECU Educators and Influencers seminar.

We need tools that help us to make career choices that resonate with green values. 

Sustainable Development Goals

I just watched a webinar on Green Careers from India. They are SO far ahead of us. They have strategies that:

build awareness that survival of our planet is directly linked to the manner in which jobs and careers are being practised. They take into account and create awareness of the environmental impact of vocational choices.

Sachin Kumaled the discussion supported by Rayan Miranda

They suggested that we use the Sustainable Development Goals as a prompt for helping people to identify careers that restore the planet.

After the webinar, I used the technique on a friend who is looking for a career change. It worked like magic.  

She quickly checked through the goals and chose the two that resonated most with her. She has now gone off to check out what jobs she could do within two of the goals.  

Okay, she is an adult. If I was doing it with school kids I would print off, laminate and cut up the goals so that they could play with and prioritise them.

They would need more support to check out careers that are consistent with their goals, and pathways to those futures. 

I thought using the Sustainable Development Goals was a great idea, and using them helps career practitioners to do more meaningful work. 

What Jobs?

You can find jobs ideas for each Goal HERE.

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Bev Johnson Director, In Focus Careers

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