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When too much mining is never enough. Career and Employment Expo 2022

I am just back from the 2022 Careers and Employment Expo. It was overwhelming.

The people at the stands were losing their voices already and it was just lunchtime on the first day.

Biggest One Ever

The 2022 Careers and Employment Expo is the biggest one I have ever been to. Perhaps the skills shortage and optimism about the future of education and training caused organisations to invest in displays this year.

Everyone seemed to be recruiting. 

Mining, Resources, Mining

The whole Expo was drowning in resource companies competing for apprentices and trainees. I think more than half of the stands were representing the resources industry, like Roy Hill or Rio, or they were providers of services to the resources industry.


There was a queue waiting to use the Rio VR machines.

Lots of Variety

If you didn’t get lured by the mining companies, there were lots of other stands to capture your interest. 

College of Electrical Training
Commercial Cookery SMTAFE
Bunbury Flying School

Skills Sets

Lots of polite students with long, sincere questions

I tried to miss the rush by arriving at lunchtime. There were still lots of students around. It may have been my timing but students seemed more informed than in previous years. 

At most expos, there are kids running amok chasing pens and stress balls and gadgets from every stand. Not as many of the students were doing the freebie hustle this year.

In fact, I stood back several times, waiting for students as they asked long and detailed questions of the representatives on the stands.


Support Services – Interesting New Development

There have always been employment, education and training support services for disadvantaged people. I have often worked with or for disadvantaged people so I haven’t been blind to what is available.

This year there is an explosion of new entry-level courses and support services.

I have never known there to be such competition for students and willingness to spend money ensuring that students enrol and stay.

Even the tech training companies were doing their best to assure me that their online courses were warm and fuzzy.

The most fun job

This was the best Careers and Employment Expo I have been to. People at every stand were keen to talk to you, offer you a job, and tell you what they have to offer. 

It is worth checking out what is available. Find details HERE. 


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