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Are creative career pathways a passport to poverty? No Way. Check out these Digital Creative Arts VET courses

Are creative career pathways worth following? STEM careers are all we hear of.

Do not dispair. Creative thinking, social influence, flexibility and agility are all up there in the World Economic Forum Top 10 Skills.World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report

Since 2015 the World Economic Forum  has analysed a significant shift from a focus on:

  • Complex Problem Solving ,

  • Critical Thinking and

  • Quality Control

to a 2027 predicted focus on:

  • Creative thinking,

  • Leadership and social influence and

  • Resilience, flexibility and agility. 

It seems as if there is an emerging trend towards more human skills in the workplace. 

Christopher Rodwell from Barking Gecko Theatre  recently wrote on LinkedIn  that 

 …. the world’s most vibrant cities have arts at their core…and the only way you can achieve that connection with the arts is through introduction at a young age.

He reported that performing arts lead to:

  • 50% improvement in capacity to improvise/sustain creative scenarios (ie problem solving and innovation)

  • 55% expansion in perspectives and interpersonal skills (ie strengthening teamwork skills)

  • 10% increase in hope for the future after one year (ie their perspective on likelihood of performing well at school or graduating)

You can read Christopher Rodwell’s post HERE. 

I began my full time career as an English teacher. My love of creative arts has enriched my life and helped me throughout my working life. I am starting a campaign to celebrate creative arts careers. 

I am collating creative industries opportunities into a poster of career blocks like the 16 Mind Maps for Career Advisors16 Mind Maps for West Australian Career Advisors

One of the Mind Maps will identifiy Digital Creative Arts VET courses.

You can find the Mind Map HERE.

The Mind Maps can be updated so please let me know of any opportunities that I haven’t captured. 

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