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Are Year 12s still locked down? Time to kick start their creative magic.

Have year 12s lost their creativity? This is the group of students that was starting Year 9 when Covid hit.

Through the global pandemic teachers and families did what they could to keep students safe, to support their learning, to reduce uncertainty.

Perhaps the legendary rebellion of year 9s was knocked out of them. The world was a dangerous place and mucking up at school in year 9 seemed trivial. Now are left with year 12’s who didn’t learn to test their boundaries. Now we have year 12s who can follow instructions but they don’t know how to explore ideas.

Give them back their magic

Here are some ideas that can help students to kick start their creativity.  It’s a Mind Map of different arts projects around Western Australia that receive government subsidies.

These  are a good place for students to start if they are thinking about going into a creative career. 

If you know of any other opportunities please send them through and I will update the Mind Map.

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