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16 Mind Maps for West Australian Career Advisors

16 Mind Maps for West Australian Career Advisors

For some time I have been concerned that I overwhelm people with the amount of information I’m sending out. I have collated information into handbooks, made career events calendars and made Coggle mind maps in an effort to make the information more user friendly.  

A couple of weeks ago Dr Kathleen Franklyn from the Jobs and Skills Centres posted a UK banner on LinkedIn. The banner was of 16 ways to discover your future. 

I took that idea and created 16 categories of information that subscribers to my newsletter find most useful.

Behind each category I have created Coggle mind maps of websites, tools and information that provide a ready reference for West Australian career advisors. 

The resulting poster is one of the best resources I have put together. It gathers masses of information into categories. Users can click on a category and be linked through to a mind map of websites and tools that are useful to West Australians. 

16 Mind Maps for West Australian Career Advisors

I use the Coggle mind mapping tool because:

  • you don’t have to subscribe to use the information

  • I find it easy to update the maps

Each Coggle Map looks like this one that shows Green Volunteering opportunities that I posted last year. 

Green volunteering mind map

If you would like a copy of this poster, they are available HERE. 

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