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ATAR revision programs help you to get to where you belong

If you want to do well in your ATAR to get to where you belong, these ATAR revision programs will support you to achieve your goal.

Check them out. Some run during the term, and others only run during holidays. 

Revise Online 

Revise Online

ReviseOnline specialises in providing online education. ReviseOnline offers specifically designed multiple-choice, short answer and extended response questions in a range of Year 11 and 12 courses which match the format of ATAR exams. 

This was one of the first to offer online revision programs.

Find information HERE


ATAR Master Classes Revision Courses

Master Mind Australia intensive revision of the syllabus and assessment preparation, including effectively modelling answers to ATAR-style exam questions.

Master mind

They run small-group tutorials for year 11 and 12 students throughout the term and holiday tutorials.

Find details HERE.

Academic Task Force /Academic Associates /Academic Group

This group runs Holiday Revision Courses in April, July and October at:

Find details HERE. 

The Exam Experts

Enrolments for the July Holiday Intensive Exam Revision Program are open. Classes run from July 4-8.

Find details HERE.


Intuition delivers small group classes in most WACE classes, exam preparation and study skills.



Many semi-retired teachers continue to tutor in their specialized subjects.

These teachers have a lifetime of knowledge of their subject, what examiners are looking for and tips for success.

Some schools have started to run holiday ATAR revision programs that employ these experts. 

Ask your school front office to see if they are running a program or know anyone you can contact.

ECU ATAR Free Program

ECU ATAR science-focused revision programs are run during the September holidays at the Joondalup and Bunbury campuses. 

These are free services to Year 12 students. They are scheduled later in the year. 

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I have found your material invaluable.  The information you have put together is thorough – a one-stop-shop in a sea of information that is out there.  I have utilised this information on a regular basis with others throughout the school.

(South Metropolitan Government High School.)

M: 0434 056 412



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