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What was new at the Expo this year?

The SkillsWest Expo was great. There was more to see and many exhibitions had activities to play with.

The big give away this year was bucket hats. Fourteen year old boys were seen with a dozen hats teetering on their heads.

Strangest Stand – Queensland Police

Maybe they don’t get West Australian news in Queensland. WA Police are seriously working to recruit new police officers, and here were the Queensland police recruiting at OUR Expo.

For information about jobs in the WA police service go HERE.

Metal Fabrication Goes High Tech

I thought metal fabrication was a hammer and a sheet of metal, not computer driven.

Metal Fabrication at North Metro TAFE

Metal Fabrication at South Metro TAFE

WorlsSkills Competition

This year it seemed easier to see the students competing in WorldSkills.

Mervyn has won GOLD at the national WorldSkills Competition. Congratulations!!

Women in Building Support

Women represent under 5% of those working in building trades.

Women Building Australia supports women trying to break into well paid jobs in building trades.

McDonalds Traineeships

McDonalds were there again promoting their traineeships and jobs for young workers. McDonalds gives great training to young staff so they are worth considering when going for part time jobs.

Jobs and Skills Career Services

North and South Metro Jobs and Skills Centres were there with a prime spot just inside the entrance. They were introducing the career advisory services to students and helping those who had time to ask for advice.

Specialist Employment Services

There were several providers of career advice and job finding services to school leavers, like impact services.

Great Work

There was almost too much to see at the Expo. With such a significant event, visitors might need to do more preparation so that they don’t miss information that meets their needs.

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