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If these are the 25 Jobs on the Rise in 2023, how to you get these jobs?

The LinkedIn 2023 Jobs on the Rise report shows the jobs with the highest growth.

As many of these jobs are new, I wondered how you would get into them. I’ve done a quick summary of pathways to each job.

In many cases I recommend starting with a VET course, to find out more about how the industry is changing, before moving on to specialising through higher studies. 

  • Eleven of the jobs require significant IT skills. 

  • If you are interested in IT, get started in TAFE with a certificate and find what part of IT you like. Then go to uni using your VET credits to study the course that best suits your interests. 

  • There are substantial subsidies for VET courses making courses free or low-cost. You can use the money you would pay on uni fees to buy a car.

LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise in 2023

How to get started on the road to this job

1.     Technical Program Manager

Check out different courses in IT and IT Systems at your closest TAFE or uni. You can gather “manager” skills through different jobs and further study. 

2.     Clinical Exercise Physiologist 

The Health Industry is our fastest growing industry. Check Clinical Physiologist on MyFuture for information about jobs and qualifications. Check out health industry courses at your local TAFE college or university. 

3.     Site Reliability Engineer

You need qualifications in IT Systems and you need to grow your knowledge of risk and project management. All of these can be learned through VET courses which lead to degrees.

4.     Sales Development Representative

There are a range of degrees emerging that develop innovation, entrepreneurship and business skills as a combined degree.

This role will require industry specific knowledge. Whether you are selling iron ore or pharmaceuticals, you will need to know about your industry in order to identify development opportunities.

Interpersonal skills, negotiation and communication skills will be an advantage. It will also help to be nice. People want to buy stuff from people they like.

5.     Platform Engineer

To engineer a platform, you need IT skills and you also need to understand the intended purpose of the platform.

If you are maintaining and improving an existing platform you need to have the concentration of a saint and brilliant analytical skills.

6.     Growth Specialist

Creativity combined with solid knowledge of how to engage social media for a particular audience will important in this role.

Because social media is changing so quickly, you could start with a VET certificate or diploma in marketing then increase your qualifications through uni or  short courses as you start to specialize your skills.

7.     Claims Adjuster

As insurance claims surge due to climate change, the demand for claims adjusters will grow. This is a well-paid job that you can start working towards with a VET qualification in Financial Services and Banking.

8.     Machine Learning Engineer

As artificial intelligence becomes more embedded in machines, machine learning engineers will be responsible for designing systems and processes that make predictions.

Knowledge of IT is required so that the Engineer can communicate across IT and sales teams to create predictive tools.

9.     Sustainability Manager

A job for environmentalists, agricultural and forestry scientists, aquaculture farmers and electricians. Anyone who is responsible for managing the sustainability of the planet.

You can start with a VET qualification in agriculture, or land management and specialise in areas like regenerative agriculture.

Electricians have a great future as sustainable energy is used to power our lives. 

10.  Enterprise Account Executive

If you are responsible for the accounts of an enterprise, you need to have a strong business and financial services background.

You could start with a VET business degree but most people in this position have at least one university degree.

11.  Cyber Security Analyst

Start with a VET course in cyber security. Learn the basics at a college then move on to an area you are interested in and specialise in that. You can be making good money as you get a degree specializing in a field of interest. All arms of the defence forces and well equipped with cyber security experts who are among the best in their field.  

12.  Crime Analyst

You are more likely to be chasing a money launderer than a robber of your local bank.

Casinos are hot spots for money laundering. Then there are always those who are trying get-rich-quick schemes.

Law and criminology courses would be the gateway to this career.

You could also go into the police force and take opportunities for further study and promotion.

13.  Data Engineer

In a world where data is king, Data Engineers will be the rulers.

Start off with an IT course. You can start by doing a VET course where you will find out more about the industry, then specialize in a field that will lead you to engineering data to improve systems and user experiences.

14.  Job Coach

This job is associated with Human Resource Management.

There are a million gurus on the internet who have years of experience in business management and move on to Job Coaching. A degree in business, finance, human resource management or career management would be the entry point for this job.

15.  Cloud Engineer

I think Cloud Engineer and Platform Engineer require the same pathway. Both require high-level IT skills, knowledge of the industry and the ability to engineer a  platform that makes the industry more effective. Most platforms will need to be cloud-based. 

16.  Customer Success Manager

This requires marketing skills, knowledge of business systems and the ability to apply industry knowledge to maintaining relationships with customers.

Start with a marketing certificate and discover what part of marketing you are most interested in. Then focus on that through work and further study.

17.  Client Associate

This job will probably be in banking as they attend to customers’ accounts. It would be more focused on financial management than a Customer Success Manager (16 above).

18.  Business Development Representative

Business development requires creativity and business skills.

Business development representatives are often specialists in their industry, like mining engineers, training consultants, or medical specialists.

19.  Health Assistant

Health assistants can come from a broad range of specialist health professionals.

They use their specialist skills to contribute to a team of experts who care for a patient.

20.  Service Desk Engineer

These are pivotal roles in a big organisation.

They are called on by staff in every role to come and fix problems. When they are not fixing problems they are designing systems and solutions to make the organisation more effective so that there aren’t as many calls to the service desk.

21.  Delivery Consultant

Sound project management skills in any field are required to ensure the delivery of identified outcomes for the organisation. The Delivery Consultant does not necessarily need to be an expert in the field, but they need to be quick to learn and careful to make sure they have the right information before they design their solution.

22.  Cyber Security Engineer

Once you have sound cyber security skills you can move on to engineering cyber security systems for organisations. Current weaknesses in systems have been due to not anticipating human weaknesses, so cyber security engineers need to have outstanding awareness of the way that people work.

23.  Finance Associate

I think this is a field that the application of artificial intelligence will impact.

Gathering the correct data to assist organisations to make sound financial decisions will require the ability to ask the best questions based on sound financial management skills

24.  Product Designer

A mix of IT skills with marketing skills would be a good start for this role which would most likely be in media or business service products.

25.  Technology Project Manager

Start with your IT skills. You can kick start your learning with a VET certificate as you learn more about the different opportunities for IT careers and decide where you want to belong.

As you become more expert, you will undertake project management courses and start managing increasingly bigger projects.

Given the emergence of new jobs, going to TAFE to find out about the industry might become a logical first step before going to uni. 

I will keep an eye on this to see if it becomes a preferred pathway. 

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Bev Johnson Director, In Focus Careers

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