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The race to prepare your school for AI engagement

The Education Department has taken a cautious approach, saying that government schools are not to use Chat GPT at the moment. I guess they are trying to design an appropriate engagement framework.

I pulled information from AI and Education: guidance for policymakers to create this presentation 

(Miao, Fengchun [author] [42], Holmes, Wayne [author] [10], Ronghuai Huang [author] [14], Hui Zhang [author] [6]) UNESCO 2021


Section 6 of the document tells how to prepare your school for AI engagement. It is a bit long for teachers just starting their new year so I have put together this presentation from Section 6 of the document.

The simplified presentation just clarifies how to set up your priorities, principles and governance. 

I hope it helps you to get on track to preparing your school for AI engagement.

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