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Future job suggestions based on megatrends

Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going.

John Naisbitt 

These suggestions help career practitioners to provide leadership to students who will work in jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

The suggestions are drawn from the Our Future World top 7 Australian megatrends recently published by the CSIRO.

1. Adapting to climate change

Future Jobs:

  • Design and deliver healthcare to cope with extreme weather events
  • Design and build homes that withstand severe weather events
  • Design and build critical infrastructure
  • Urban planning to ensure sustainable settlement patterns
  • Drought mitigation strategies
  • Meteorologists and climate change forecasters
  • Fire and emergency services to cope with fire and floods
  • Delivery of potable water

2. Leaner, cleaner and greener

Future Jobs:

  •  Population control health educators
  • Food production/regenerative agriculture
  • Alternative protein supply
  • Electrification of transport
  • Systems designers for energy-efficient manufacturing industries
  • Sustainable energy production and system maintenance and recycling
  • Carbon neutral living design
  • Circular economy recycling
  • Regeneration of biodiversity.

3. The escalating health imperative

Future Jobs:

  • Managing pandemics
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Chronic illness management
  • Preventative health (diet, exercise, sport)

4. Geospatial shifts

Future Jobs:

  • Defence jobs
  • Strategic defence
  • Security management
  • Technology collaboration and coordination
  • Supply chain management
  • Transport operators

5. Diving into digital

Future Jobs:

  • Virtual education
  • Online retail
  • Telehealth
  • Remote working – change of city business districts
  • Cryptocurrency use

6. Increasingly autonomous

Future Jobs:

  • Artificial intelligence system and application design
  • Security management

7. Unlocking the human dimension

Future Jobs:

  • Trust will be a commodity
  • Rise in human resource management/caring for workers
  • Career guidance to maximise productivity
  • Communication of scientific information
  • Support for global Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Reinstating indigenous knowledge

Read the CSIRO Our Future World report HERE. 

All photos in this post are from the report. 

Career practitioners are well placed to provide leadership to students who will work in jobs that haven’t been invented yet. 

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