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Update on Active Foundation closure in WA

When the news broke about Active closing in WA, I wrote to the Minister. I have just received the response which I found quite encouraging. I hope you find the information useful.


Ms Bev Johnson

Dear Ms Johnson
Thank you for your email to Minister Punch dated 12 June 2022, regarding Activ’s decision
to close its large-scale industrial work sites.

The Minister places a high priority on ensuring affected supported employees find suitable
alternatives before the closure of Activ’s work sites. The State Government’s Office of
Disability, within the Department of Communities, is partnering with the Commonwealth
Department of Social Services, the National Disability Insurance Agency and community
sector stakeholders in a joint taskforce to manage the transition.

The Australian Government has committed $7.8 million to support the transition of Activ’s
supported employees to other options over the next 18 months. This will give employees
time to make informed choices about their future and to continue access to services in the
meantime. The State Government will also provide an additional $3.8 million through the
Sector Transition Fund to support Western Australian-based Australian Disability Enterprises
(ADEs) through the transition period. This will support sustainable jobs for ADEs to employ
Activ supported employees over the 18-month transition period.

I would encourage you to make enquiries with Lotterywest directly regarding any funding
specifically allocated to support career development and employment initiatives for people
with disability and to also seek potential partnerships with other community sector
organisations. Individualised support with career development and job placements can be
the key to long-term employment outcomes, so I appreciate your interest in this area.

Once again, thank you for writing.
Yours sincerely

Tom Palmer
19 July 2022

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