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Time for year 10 subject selection. These ideas may help.

A dream almost whispers. It never shouts.

Stephen Speilberg


Asking you to choose your subjects for Year 11 can feel like asking you to decide your entire future.

Your future will evolve, no matter what you do. If you discover your dream in the future and don’t have the right subjects, you can always find a different path to the life you want to create.

Making your best choice for now

Hear Your Dream

Follow some of the links on the Hear Your Dreams Mind Map. These links will help you to explore ideas for your future.

Peer Support – Find a friend

It is best to go through some of these links with a friend.

  • They might be dealing with some of the same issues as you.
  • They are likely to give honest feedback.
  • They know you well and may ask questions you haven’t thought of.

Your school wants you to find your best path forward

School Subject Selection Handbook

Check your school website to see if they have a Subject Selection Handbook that identifies options that are available at your school. This will have the information that you need in order to start making your decisions. 

Subject Selection Information Evening

If your school does NOT have an information evening, ask a friendly teacher to go through the School Subject Selection Handbook with you. 

Career Teachers

Your career teacher knows:

  • what subjects to take to keep your options open and make the most of your abilities
  • emerging future careers
  • a huge range of possible courses that you can take 
  • opportunities that do not include further study
  • they probably know you and will be able to use their knowledge to help you.

Help outside schools

Check out this Year 10 Subject Selection map.


Year 10 Information Handbook

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA) Year 10 Information Handbook 2022 is where you find the rules about WACE.  This is the first place to start if you want to do your own research about what you have to do. Your teachers will use this Handbook when helping you to make decision. 

If you can’t find the information you need or if you are unclear on anything contact your careers teacher of contact SCSA at

Compulsory Subjects for University

TISC University Admissions 2025

The latest TISC Guide identifies:

  • prerequisites: subjects that you must have taken to get into a particular course
  • desirable WACE subjects: those subjects that aren’t essential, but which will help you to succeed in your uni course

If you have a fair idea of what course you might want to do, check that course at uni. For example, if you want to go to Curtin and do Chemical Engineering, you can find prerequisites for Chemical Engineering HERE.

Apprenticeships, Traineeships and VET courses

Jobs and Skills Centres deliver free career counselling.

School students are welcome.

Call into your local Jobs and Skills Centre for all the information you need about any sort of VET program. You can even ask them about uni courses. 

Private Career Practitioners

There are 150 West Australian career practitioners registered by the Career Development Association of Australia. These private practitioners will have more time to focus on your needs, but you will need to pay them for their time. 

Check Find a Career Specialist at for details.

Email me at if you want more information. 

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Bev Johnson Director, In Focus Careers


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