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Year 9 Boredom Breakers

Year 9 is always a tough year 

Just as Year 9s were starting to grow out of the things they loved doing as little kids, COVID hit.  There is a fair chance Year 9s are bored but not aware of opportunities that are on the table. 

We don’t know the impact of COVID Year 9s

  • Some may be bunkering down and need more encouragement to approach new ideas.
  • Some may be looking to take control and make choices about ideas to explore.

If they don’t know it, they can’t do it

Here is a range of opportunities that may spark an interest and which Year 9s can investigate. 

Go to the Mind Map to find links to information about all of these ideas. 

Ask Career Advisors and Student Services at School

If you want to know more about any of these opportunities, school based career advisors, student services officers and year coordinators will be able to help.

Some highlights that you may not know about

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Age: 14 – 24 There are 4 sections:

1.      Adventurous Journey

2.      Physical Recreation

3.       SkillsVoluntary Service

4.       Gold Residential Project



Coding for Fun

Ages 7 – 17

Run by volunteers in libraries, unis and community centres. Young people and volunteers get together to learn to play with coding.

WAAPA Short Courses


Age 6 – 18

Acting, music and dance short courses are run on weekends and holidays.  There are classes for young kids through to those who already have some experience.

Local Government Youth Programs

Government Youth Programs

Every local government council has youth programs. Check out your local government to see what it has on offer.



Age: 12 – 19

Fun with Robots

Teams make and program robots and compete in different challenges. 

Find all the career information you need for West Australian school students





3 thoughts on “Year 9 Boredom Breakers

  1. To tell the truth, it is indisputable fact that COVID-19 significantly affected pupils and deprived them of many opportunities. It can be truly difficult to get everything back on track and give 9th graders new sources of inspiration. Every pupil is special and has different interests, but I really like all these ideas because I think that they are truly universal. I think that each student will be able to choose a kind of activity according to his preferences and develop his abilities. From my point of view, WAAPA Short Courses are the best opportunity for 9th graders to fulfill their creative potential and bring colors to everyday life. It is a wonderful way to loosen up and showcase your talent. I think that each activity can be a unique experience for the students and can make school days much more interesting.

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