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Do you have the information you need to be the career educator students need?

In Focus Careers News gathers and synthesizes the information you need to be the career educator students need.

At a time when we are drowning in information, Bev Johnson gathers and synthesises career information at the right time, thinks critically about what we need and makes wise choices about what goes into her monthly In Focus Careers magazine for West Australian schools.

Bev says;

I am passionate about helping our West Australian kids to win. That is the “why” of what I do.

I call on the goodwill of people I know in education, training, industry and through university studies, for information that helps school leavers to find where they want to belong.

Anyone working in career education appreciates the tsunami of career information that floods in every week. As a former career teacher Bev knows how easy it is to be misled by the smoke of mirrors of big business advertising machines.

She focused on clarifying information and delivering career information that schools can trust.

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