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Are you an educator seeking new approaches to the educational challenges of today and tomorrow?

I had only been teaching for a couple of years when an ECU academic presenting a PL and told us:

All classes are too big, and EVERY teacher can tell you which kid needs to go.

 As a newly minted teacher I could think of several students who I would be happy to see the back of.

I lapped up the tips, strategies and recommendations that he went on to give us on how to engage those kids.

Then Came 2020!

Over the past couple of years, things have become even tougher for new teachers as the level of anxiety has risen, and mental health issues have permeated every learning environment.

All teachers are hunting for strategies to cope with the new world of education.

Jenny Gleeson – Thought Leader and Trail Blazer

Many West Australian educators know educator and career practitioner Jenny Gleeson.

For more than two decades Jenny has been researching, writing about and winning awards for her work on tools for improving educational engagement, mainly with a focus on career guidance. Through her research, Jenny has unearthed Personality Dimensions @ School that she believes is better than any other tool for quickly establishing rapport and solid communications between students and teachers.

Abbey Piggott working with Personality Dimensions guru Jenny Gleeson

Personality Dimensions @ School

Personality Dimensions @ School is a Canadian personality profiling tool. Unlike many that Jenny has tested, this one is based on solid research. The activities used to identify critical aspects of students’ personalities, are visual, hands-on, interactive and fun and through the process:

  • Teachers gain the power to quickly identify and manage triggers that may upset students.
  • All students get to identify and celebrate their unique talents, skills and strengths.
  • Students gain coping strategies
  • Both teachers and students come to understand and appreciate each other’s communication styles
  • Students identify their passion which they will carry through to life after school.

 Would you like to pilot Personality Dimensions in WA?

Jenny is seeking to kickstart the adoption of Personality Dimensions in West Australian schools. It’s a comprehensive framework that helps you to cope with and educate all students, including those you wish you could see the back of.

If you are an innovative educator seeking new approaches to the educational challenges of today and tomorrow, please contact Jenny or Abbey to find out more about how you can become involved in pioneering this method in West Australian schools.

Jenny Gleeson M: 0433 884 847

Students working with Personality Dimensions @ School

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