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Did you discover your dream career in primary school?

Your dream career will come in a whisper, not in a shout.

Stephen Spielberg said that. He started making movies when he was still in nappies!!

Steven Spielberg’s movie BFG

If HE didn’t hear “MAKING MOVIES” shouting at him as his dream career in primary school, what hope is there for the rest of us?

There are lots of quizzes designed to help. None of them is 100% perfect. All of them are good at giving ideas about what we are good at and what direction to look for our dream career.

One of the tests is the Holland Aptitude Test. It identifies 6 types.

Primary School Career Exposure

The Career Industry Council recently had Ed Hidalgo talking about integrating career development in primary school. His project in California uses the Holland Career Types to help primary school kids to identify their type.

Ed Hidalgo CIO Cahone Valley District Ed. California

Once their type is identified he says you can focus on exposing them to opportunities that match their type.

At first I thought this was too early, but the exposure to one particular type of career isn’t exclusive and it does give the teacher or parent some direction.

Here is an example of how the tests work

I am strongest in Persuading, then in Creating.

  • Persuading/Enterprising(E) — I would be exploring opportunities in leadership and management. I could try persuading the world that insanely great career development is vital.
  • Creating/Artistic is also strong in my profile, so I might explore music and drawing. Or I might try writing a blog and a career newsletter!!

The tests point you in a direction where you have your strongest natural abilities.

Dream Big road to the future

They can help you to focus your search for your dream career. Your road might be bumpy but finding your dream career is worth the ride.

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