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Scholarships not for you? Think again! The World wants you to succeed.

Think scholarships are not for you?

The world wants YOU to succeed, not just academic super stars. There is probably a scholarship sitting on the table right now, waiting for you to find it.

Are you poor? LGBTIQ? Come from a defence family? Female interested in painting and decorating?

Start looking for scholarships now.

There are so many. There are scholarships for agriculture, local government scholarships and scholarships for regional, migrants and Aboriginal students.

Don’t study poor!

Empty pockets

Finding scholarships is a skill. Once you have that skill you can save yourself hundreds of hours working in a coffee shop or at Coles!!

STEP 1: Finding ScholarshipS

Knowing how to find them is something you can learn.

Start by looking here:

  • See the Good Universities Guide Scholarships HERE
  • Look for scholarships in your town or suburb – Scholarships Geraldton (or the name of your town).
  • Look for scholarships in your industry. A quick look for jewellery scholarships revealed this. Look for scholarships agriculture, or scholarships marketing. Name your industry of choice.
  • Contact your future university/TAFE college.

You can get more than one scholarship and you can get them throughout your study and work career.

STEP 2: Learn how to apply

Getting a scholarship is a skill. Learn how to develop good applications. They may include providing a sample of your work or an audition.

Audition for scholarship

Scholarship Application Tips

The World wants you to succeed

Scholarships are there to help you to succeed.

You. Not just the academic super stars. Don’t expect someone with a bag of money to knock on your door. You need to go out and find opportunities that will help you to do what you hope for.

3 thoughts on “Scholarships not for you? Think again! The World wants you to succeed.

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