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2022 Early Offers and Alternative Pathways

Universities in WA are already competing for students for 2022. 

Offers are open. Make your choices now.

UWA was first out of the blocks with the decision to take enrolments for 2022 based on Year 11 results.

ECU came next.

Curtin and Murdoch then joined the rush for your attention.

Notre Dame keeps being scored as the best university in Australia by its students. You can register your interest in an early offer HERE.

All of the universities are putting in place more requirements that they did last year so students don’t have the freedom to drop out of school once they get offered a place. Each of the universities is slightly different and you can apply for a place at more than one university.

University Career Advisors will get you there

They ALL want you to enrol at their university and are bending over backwards to help you.

– Don’t meet the course pre-requisites? We have a bridging program for you.

– Don’t know how to do referencing? Do this support program.

– Having trouble settling in to uni life? Check out our wellness program.

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How to Decide

Pick a university. Is it close? Are your friends going there? Does it have a great course? Do you like its ranking by past students? 

– Go to that university and meet with a career advisor. Tell them what you would like to study.

– Ask them what is available to help you to meet entry requirements. They will point you to the best course for you, or design one that meets your needs. 

– Repeat at your second choice. Remember you are making a big investment of time and money. You want to check out more than one option.

How to decide
How to decide

Murdoch has the Horizon Summer Program which introduces you to uni and gives you credits towards a degree. You can do the Horizons Program at the end of Year 11. Email for information.

There are many free places in alternative pathway programs but apply early to secure one of them. 

What Do Alternative Pathways Give?

Alternative entry programs are from 4 weeks to one semester long and they give much more than academic skills.

You may change your mind about what course to take.

You will find your way around the campus, where to park, where the libraries are.  

You find out about uni life and about a range of degrees that are available. You may find out about less expensive ways of achieving your degree. 

Although each course is different there are usually 4 subject like….

  • Academic Writing
  • Communication Skills
  • Essential Maths
  • Research Skills and Information Literacy

Courses like medicine, that have strict quotas, are not available through alternative pathways but most courses will be open to you. 


– You can approach any university or all universities in Western Australia and apply for a place in 2022.

– If your Year 11 ATAR score is good enough your will be offered a place, conditional on how well you do in Year 12.

– If you don’t meet the pre-requisites, or don’t think you will get the ATAR score you need, the university will have a pathway that will help you to get there.

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Bev Johnson
Evangelist for insanely great careers education in Western Australia

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