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Network Your Butt Off to Find a Job

Things have never been tougher for school leavers who are looking for work. There will be jobs, but competition will be tough.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Most jobs in Western Australia don’t get advertised. Even when the job IS advertised, it often goes to someone the employer knows. The more people you know the more likely you are to get a job lead.

Be Seen

A big part of getting job leads is being around. If people haven’t seen you for ages they are not going to think of you when a job comes up.

Random visits to friends, footy games, family picnics are a good step. Always let people know that you are looking for work and what sort of work you are looking for.

I would love to get work as an actor so I am happy to do any work in a theatre. You don’t happen to know of any leads do you?

Join Up

Join stuff. Join a club, do volunteer work, check MeetUp groups to see which ones you can join.

The more people you know, the more likely you are to find job leads.

Be Nice

SMILE. People are going to want to help you if they like you. Look for something you have in common or for something about the person you like. That will help you to form a connection.

Find Guy Kawasaki’s tips on how to get people to like you HERE.

Work Your Crowd

Start asking people questions to find out if they can help you.

Use Coggle to map people you know. For each person identify one question you can ask.

Network Map

Get help from a friend or family member to figure how each part of your network could possibly help you to find work.


Put your ideas into a list, figure out where to start and work through your list.

Add Social Media to your Search

Get a LinkedIn account, clean up your social media, join groups that represent your interests and start connecting.

Good Luck with your Search

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