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Millennials need Meaning

Drag Yourself Away from Binge Watching Bodyguard

Richard Madden

If you can drag yourself away from binge watching delicious Richard Madden in Bodyguard,  try listening to the  gorgeous and inspiring Mariana Mazzucato as she outlines her framework for reinventing “value”. Mariana Mazzucato

Millennials need Meaning

Millennials are passionate about finding “value” in their lives and work.

Baby boomers not living in Bhutan high jacked “value” and started to measure it in terms of money. Mariana Mazzucato argues from a similar view to Marilyn Waring who in the 80s was asking us to consider the value of a tree. She really gets you thinking about this crazy neo liberalism which is directing our futures.

You can hear Mariana Mazzucatos ideas on reframing value on Saturday Extra here.

She has a new book out called  The Value of Everything: making and taking in the global economy (2018)

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