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How to Blitz You Apprenticeship Interview

How good is your handshake?

You’ve gotta hate wimpy or bone crusher handshakes. How hard is it to give a decent handshake?

Companies are preparing their 2020 apprenticeship vacancy ads. It will be hard to get to the interview stage. If you DO get there, don’t blow it with a pathetic handshake!

Give the employer the right gut feeling

Employers often employ apprentices on “Gut Feeling”.

The gut feeling started with a good written application. School leavers can get tips on how to write a good resume and cover letter HERE at Youth Central.

How to get an apprenticeship 1


Check this video.  It gives tips on how to create a good gut feeling.

Apart from having a decent handshake that says “Hi. Happy to meet you.” you can give a good impression if you dress neatly, smile and show that you have done some research on the company.

  • You can find apprenticeships on sites like or through a career advisor, a Jobs and Skills Centre or via a pre-apprenticeship.
  • Getting a job as a trades assistant can help you to get a foot in the door.  This gives  industry-ready skills and shows you are interested in the work.
  • Employers like applicants who have done volunteer or part time work as it showed their enthusiasm and meant they would have some work ready skills.
  • Work experience in the field looks good on a resume.
  • Good school results, particularly in metals, maths and engineering are indicators that you might be a good apprentice in a building trade. Taking a folio of photos of projects you have worked on is a good idea.
  • Start working towards your driver’s license as soon as you turn 16.

At the end of the interview say you really want this apprenticeship.

(Know what to say if they ask why!)

Women and girls interested in trades may find the Programmed National Energy Technician Training Scheme worth applying through. Last year they had 38% females in their trades program. Programmed smaller

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has a range of information on how to get an apprenticeship.

Steps to apprenticeship

For advice and coaching on how to get an apprenticeship or traineeship contact me, Bev Johnson at

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