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Career Professionals Site Map

February 2019

This mind map is of the main Australian careers sites. 

Useful Sites

Coggle Map of Useful Careers Websites

A number of people requested a copy of this Coggle Map that I put together last year. I have updated it and I am happy to send you a link to it. I contacted Coggle and they don’t have the capacity to put links into a Word document or a WordPress site yet but if you email me I will send you a link to this map.

Email me and I will give you access to the map. Contact me to subscribe to the In Focus Careers Newsletter.



21st Century Careers

The clue to having a successful career in the 21st century workplace is to see opportunities and solutions in today’s challenges and then use your creativity, intelligence and enthusiasm to create brighter futures.

Being Human

DeathtoStock_Simplify10 (2016_10_04 06_39_07 UTC)When robots and computers can do so much, being human will be your winning edge.

I love it when people value me and make me feel as if I belong.  Not just family.  I love it when the local barista asks about my holiday. I love it when my boss remembers my birthday. I love it when the occupational therapist listens to my Mum’s stories.

Ability to listen deeply and respond with humanity will become more important to the success of humans in the 21st century workplace.

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Land Death_to_stock_photography_bonus_floral_8

We are making such a mess of the planet that there will be a MULTITUDE of jobs needed to address the wreckage we are creating.

Start now. Invent a way of growing and certifying clean food. Set up a remakery. Design open source circular economy products.

Watch out for emerging trends to be ahead of the game.


DeathtoStock_IntotheLight-10.jpgThe media makes the world seem like such a dangerous place.

The media itself is a dangerous place. Are people really watching us through our phones?

Whether it is the fight against hackers or terrorists there is money to be made in protecting people and big business from unwanted intrusion.

It’s time to invent a new security door or become an ICT security ninja.

 Getting Connected


When the high speed internet eventually arrives across Australia there will be lots of jobs connecting some things to other things to make new things.

In the meantime, the current NBN seems to be taking forever so there could be a long term job working on that.

When it is finished the Australian internet speed will be slower than the speed South Korea has already left behind, so you could continue upgrading and improving on the internet speed throughout your career.

Whether you are digging an NBN trench or creating a smart fridge that connects to a smart cow, there will be a lot of connecting going on.

Go crazy. Think of what could be connected? Connecting things is already big business.

Past enkel - Google Chrome 23042017 30954 PM.bmp

Our world is changing faster than at any time in history. We need new approaches and many people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


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Parents as Career Partners 101


self orderingOn Monday I saw my first “Automated Ordering Kiosk” at McDonald’s.

Is nothing sacred?!

Even this bastion of part time jobs for school students is being automated!

How are kids supposed to learn to “clean as you go” or about customer service, punctuality and responsibility??

Those young managers at McDonald’s did a brilliant job training school kids for 40 years. Now McDonald’s is reducing the number of staff it employs as it moves to self service.

There goes another job opportunity for millennials.

The message is clear. Kids cannot prepare for a career in the 21st century by expecting to do jobs from the 20th century.

Families need to build their own 21st century support system to prepare their children for future careers.

The Method of the Grandmother 2.0 connects your network of family and friends into the collective task of raising your child. By grounding your child in your family’s values they will have a solid launching pad.

The online world gives your child another edge.

Killer Government Career Siteswelcome_door_glow

There are thousands of career sites. These government sites provide current, unbiased and professional information.

The WA Careers Centre

The WA Careers Centre  is in Forrest Place. It provides free information and counselling and you can find a lot of their resources, including occupation videos online.

Commonwealth Education Department

The Commonwealth government Education Department provides a number of resources including the  Careers Bullseye Posters.  These can be a bit of fun. You only have to choose 3 posters and pick a few jobs in each one to be able to see a trend towards potential careers. Once you have picked out some jobs check them out on the WA Careers Centre site.

Youth Central 

Youth Central is a Victorian Government site that I love. It gives information not found on the other sites… from study skills, how to write a CV when you have never had a job and how to make the most of a gap year. Today they have a story up about binge drinking. Fullscreen capture 14042017 24604 PM.bmp


MyFuture is the national careers site supported by all governments (except WA and NSW!).  If your child has a WA Education Department email address you will be able to use that to access the site. If your child goes to a non government school their school may have subscribed which means their school email address will get you access. It is simply the best careers site so worth some effort to log in.

These sites provide a solid foundation of careers information and advice and they can send you off in a thousand directions when you find things you are interested in.

Design the Future

Life after schoolNo other generation of parents has had to cope with so much change. It has never been harder to design a future where kids can be great.

The information on these sites, teamed with your network of family, friends, teachers, career advisors and other professionals, will help you to grow your child into a future ready citizen.

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The Future of Education is Here

The future of education is here, it is just unevenly distributed.

Sugata Mitra and Charles Leadbeater are international leaders providing glimpses of the future of education. Through their excellent work they create and report on prototypes of learning that are preparing students for the 21st century.

While most of us are stuck in traditional 20th century systems we are conscious that they cannot deliver citizens who are prepared for the 21st century.

Fullscreen capture 9042017 73028 PM.bmp

  1. Most of us are not aware of how fast the world is changing outside the school gates.
  2. Leading educators are conscious of how incompetent we are in trying to prepare kids for 21st century careers.
  3. Sugata Mitra and Charles Leadbeater are competent and conscious of the pockets of knowledge that they are sharing.
  4. If you ever hear of anyone who thinks they are unconsciously competent they are probably just not aware of what is going on.

There are pockets of innovation and experimentation happening across Western Australia.

We need to start sharing our ideas so that we can stand on the shoulders of the giants amongst us.

Our first task is to start talking to each other.


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What’s On This Week


It is peak time for university career events with UWA and Curtin competing for the attention of the same groups on the same evening.




UWA6 JUNE  10 am

UWA Campus Tour

Students who would like to find out more about studying at UWA and their parents can take a guided tour of the Crawley campus. Visitors are provided with course brochures, told about life at UWA and speak to Student Ambassadors.


ECU7 JUNE 6 pm

ECU’s Media, Communications, Arts and Design Information Evening

These courses lead to careers in advertising, broadcasting, film and television. Find out about the broad range of careers that these courses can lead to at this information evening.

Where: Mt Lawley Campus

Register at:

UWA7 JUNE 6 pm

UWA TISC Information for Year 12s

Learn how to make the most of your WACE results and achieve your study and career goals.

The UWA information session will provide advice on UWA courses, admission requirements and key dates for 2016.

Where: Crawley Campus Social Sciences Lecture Theatre


7 JUNE 7.30 pm

Curtin Year 12 Parent Information Evening

These events are intended to help demystify university preferences and the TISC process. You’ll have opportunities to speak with Curtin experts from admissions, scholarships, university support services and faculties.

Begin the evening by attending our expo where you and your child will have the chance to talk one-on-one with faculty representatives about specific courses and relevant subject prerequisites. Current students will also be available to talk to you about their university experiences and studying at Curtin.

Where Building 210, room 101, Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre, Bentley Campus, Curtin University.


UWA8 JUNE 6 pm

UWA Information Session for Year 10 – 11

UWA free information sessions will give you a head-start on making your Year 10 or 11 experience a positive one…even if you’re not sure if university is the right pathway for your future goals.

Where: Crawley Campus Social Sciences Lecture Theatre


8 JUNE 7.30 pm

Curtin Year 10 Parent Information Evening

You and your child will have the chance to talk one-on-one with faculty representatives about specific courses and relevant subject prerequisites. Current students will also be available to talk to you about their university experiences and studying at Curtin.

When: 8 June 7.30pm

Where: Building 210, room 101, Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre, Bentley Campus,


 ECU8 JUNE 6 pm

ECU Information and Pizza Night

These Pizza Nights for Year 10 students and their families are designed to help you to understand how to choose subjects and stages for Year 11 and Year 12 from an ECU admissions and pathways point of view.

Where: ECU Joondalup Campus

Register at:

9 JUNE 6 pm  

ECU Bunbury Year 10 Parent Information Evening and Pizza Night 

These Pizza Nights for Year 10 students and their families are designed to help you to understand how to choose subjects and stages for Year 11 and Year 12 from an ECU admissions and pathways point of view.

Murdoch-University-logo8 JUNE 6.30pm

Murdoch Engineering and Information Technology Information Evening

Come along to our Engineering and Information Technology Careers evening to learn more about our undergraduate course opportunities and how you can join the next generation of innovative engineers, IT experts and scientists.

Staff will be available to answer course enquiries, questions on admission and application requirements as well as the support services available.Where: Murdoch Campus Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre

Register here

Production and Design ECU9 JUNE 6pm

WAAPA Arts Management and Live Production Information Evening

Are you interested in Arts Management and Live Production specialising in costume, design, lighting, props and scenery, stage management and sound?

Where: Mt Lawley Campus

Register at:

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The Future of Work – Collaboratorie

enkel OSCE group

Last night I heard the word “collaboratorie” for the first time. A collaboratorie is where people come together to create things just for fun.

Anyone can join in.

There is no plan although there is some initial leadership before everyone starts debating or showing how things should work. Out of this chaos came some pretty amazing ideas.

People work organically to create and build on open source ideas. It could be a model for future success.

Find out when the next collaboratorie is running at enkel.


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