Alternative Pathways to Uni in WA 2024


I have collated alternate pathways to university in Western Australia for 2024 into this one booklet. It is designed as a quick reference with links to further information. I have also added basic information about early offers from each university.

The booklet is designed to save you time.

All of the information is taken from the universities websites and from information days run for career advisors.


All universities in Western Australia want you to study with them. They are doing their best to identify alternative pathways that suit the needs of all potential students. 

The result can be confusing.

This booklet collates information on all the different pathways and provides:

  • tables of courses offered by each university

  • links to more detailed information for each pathway.

Once you have identified a university that you are interested in, and gained some overall awareness of which path might suit you:

  • Check the links to each of the universities at the front of the booklet.

  • Make an appointment with a career counsellor at that university. They may be able to identify a faster, cheaper or better path for you. 

Be Bold

Be bold as you research where you belong and your best path to get there. This is your path and you deserve what’s best for you.