Get on track to uni in WA 2023


In Year 12 teachers tell you what to study, but knowing what uni to choose and what course to choose can be a seriously stressful mystery that will distract you from your work.

Once you know what you want to do next year, it will feel like you have the wind in your sails as you focus on getting the best possible marks.

Get on track to uni in WA 2023 collates information given to Year 12s across the past 6 years in the In Focus Careers News. It even has a month by month Year Planner and To Do List so that you know what to do each month.


Get on track for uni in WA 2023 provides clear, trusted information for parents of Year 12s so that you can help your kids to get into the right course, at the right uni, and make a smooth transition from school.Book title

5 Steps:

Step 1: Making the right career choice

Step 2: Which uni is best for you?

Step 3: How to apply to university

Step 4: Money Matters

Step 5: Give yourself every chance to succeed


  • A poster of Senior School Language
  • A Year Planner with a month by month To Do List
  • Tables of easy to read information with links to the right website for more details
  • Appendices of more information.

Get on track to uni in WA 2023 is designed to support you through you path to the right course in the right university in 2023.