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Career Coaching

Where are you on your career hunt?

  1. Are you absolutely lost, without a clue what to do next?
  2. Are you not sure how to check your ideas before you waste your time and money?
  3. Are you not sure how to make your dream a reality?

Find out what is perfect for you, explore all of the options available then create a plan that will make your dreams a reality.

These different Career Coaching Packages will help you to get your Career In Focus.

1. What Next? Introductory System

If you haven’t got a clue what is best for you.

Your dream doesn’t come to you screaming – it almost whispers. Film director, Steven Spielberg

Sometimes you are too close to see your own gifts. I can help you to unearth your purpose.

For your 90 minute consultation  and plan for your next steps contact me:

2. Nailing Your Choice

Are you worried about heading down the wrong path and wasting your time and money?

Nailing your best choice can be time consuming, heartbreaking and expensive. No one said life was easy but when you are doing what you are meant to do you will have the wind at your back.

By matching your purpose and your abilities to your best path through the forest of choices you will be taking conscious, deliberate steps to your best future.

For your 90 minute consultation that matches your abilities to time saving, money saving pathways contact me:

3. Making Ideas Happen

So you want to be an astronaut!

I guide you as you develop a detailed action plan to your dream. This detailed plan is your map to your unique career pathway. It includes goals, tasks, contacts and details of what you will need to succeed.