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Making You a Careers Expert

Making You a Careers Expert

West Australians deserve the best career guidance in the world, so I create careers ideas and resources, provide workshops and help individuals to find their best path forward.

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It helps you to know what is going on, become an expert without hours of research and look like a Superhero in front of your kids.

Insanely Great Newsletter….

3 Sections:

Section 1: For Students and Families.

This section is long so I break it up into Uni News, Training News, Year 12 News etc.

Section 2: For Insanely great careers educators

In this section professionals find news of Events, Teaching Resources and Research.

Section 3: Calendar

This section provides information about events through to the end of the year. I update it each month to include new events as the news comes through.

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August 2020


Career Coaching

Online career counselling is better than the face to face meetings. We take our time, I call on experts, we mull things over and find the perfect path forward.  If you are interested contact me for a free 15 minute career exploration discussion. 


Contact me at or M: 0434056412




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