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NewspaperBecome an instant expert in careers news, and opportunities in WA. The In Focus Careers Newsletter is the fastest way for teachers, students and families to discover career opportunities.

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If you are uncertain about your future direction try these free resources:Careers cartoon

  • A quick search of “Career Quiz” will deliver hundreds of free psychometric tests which help you to find ideas about what suits you.
  • Check Careers Bullseye posters to narrow down your choices
  • Check occupation videos on the Careers Centre site

If you are still uncertain of your way forward and overwhelmed by your choices it may be time to think about hiring a qualified career advisor to guide you towards your ideal next chapter.

Contact me for a confidential discussion on M:0434056412 or


“Every once in a while someone comes along who does things ‘innately and naturally’. Bev Johnson has this type of talent. Her natural gift is her ‘innate’ ability to see in others what they haven’t seen for themselves and to be able to provide guidance for others through a unique structure. Bev has a natural talent for these things. If you are stuck on your life journey and don’t know which way to turn, then Bev is the person you can confidently turn to.” Clara Pound. Practical People Solutions.


If you are seeking someone fresh and entertaining to deliver expert information to your favourite people at your next breakfast/conference/seminar I could be your ideal choice.

I will give you tips on how to succeed in the 21st century world of work.

Contact me to discuss how I can bring a touch of brightness to you next event.


Senior Students

Start your conscious and deliberate path towards your dream future. Unearth your unique talents and create your career project plan in this one day workshop.

I am finally thinking about positive things. 

An amazing opportunity and great people.

Loved discussing ideas and the possibility of getting projects happening.


Careers teachers are often isolated. They can see the tsunami of change coming but can’t be heard above the roar of curriculum demands, ATAR expectations and traditional barriers to change.

If you want to know about emerging career trends, to meet industry and support leaders, to find out more about a particular industry, I will organise your workshop for you.


If your student is heading into senior school there is a lot you can do to support them. Learn the secret language of senior school, the opportunities available through TAFE or uni and how to support your student to succeed in senior school.

Through this half day workshop you will develop your personal plan for supporting your student to achieve success in senior school. M: 0434056412 for more information.1

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