How to Get the Most from Your In Focus Careers Newsletter – from Helena College

Craig Hillman, from Helena College in Darlington Western Australia sent in these Tips on How to Get the Most from Your In Focus Careers Newsletter. 


  1. I read it straight off my screen.  It is a skim/scan effort and usually tasks 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. I cut and paste, so…on my second reading (or third or fourth attempt depending on interruptions) I take the relevant info from your newsletter and put it in a word doc.  
  3. The information then goes into the Daily Notices on SEQTA and/or to our Community Relations Team for inclusion in the next newsletter.
  4. Depending on the timing of your newsletter, I will either refer directly to or prepare handouts for parents during the Parent Information Evenings I deliver.

My Top Tip: Teacher Registration Board Professional Learning Log

I log the reading of your newsletter on the TRBWA Website as Professional Learning, Informal Category, I log it as 30 minutes.  I guesstimate it at that length and tick the following boxes:

Professional Engagement

  • Standard 62 (Engage with professional learning and improve practice)
    • 3 (Engage with colleagues and improve practice)
    • 4 (Apply professional learning and improve student learning)
  • Standard 73 (Engage with the parents/carers)

Notes Relating to Readings

There is a Documents retained section on the TRBWA website so I tick the “Notes relating to readings …” as well as the “Copies of articles …” and “Conference papers” when I share the information at Parent Nights.

Back Copies

I keep an electronic copy of your newsletter and have been able to go back to find dates and contact information during interviews with students and their parents.


The In Focus Newsletter is long but the information is rich and really valuable.  The in-school opportunities and post-school options for our senior students are extensive.  I personally value and thank you for you distilling the vast array of material into bite-size chunks with links to further details when I require them

Thanks again


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