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You could invent your own job or check out what is available

School, Job and Course Information

Job Guide 

This is a great reference for flipping through to find information about jobs and courses.

The government has decided to stop printing it so if you have one hang onto it and pass it on when you have finished.

Careers Bullseyes

School subjects you like and jobs they can lead to.

My Skills

Find out about your vocational education and training options.

Job Outlook

The unbiased information provided on the  Job Outlook site allows you to make better decisions about your options based on labour market information.

Pathways into Australian apprenticeships, videos of trades and career advice is available on 1800 338 022. 

Check out your aptitude for different apprenticeships at ApprenticeshipCentral.

If you don’t get an apprenticeship you can go to TAFE and do a pre-apprenticeship. Check  out which pre-apprenticeships are run at which TAFE colleges at the Australian Apprenticeships pre-apprenticeship finder site.

Apprentice employers frequently ask college lecturers to send out a couple of good students for a job interview.


  • Take your school reports and photos of work you have done in the field to your pre-apprenticeship interview.
  • Dress in smart casual clothes or even wear your school uniform as an ice breaker. Make sure you know the trade.
  • Have a second choice in mind.
  • Make sure you know the level of maths required by the trade.

Aboriginal Workforce Development 

Check these links

Aboriginal students can get support from the  Aboriginal Youth Transition Program. The services are available across Western Australia. Schools can call the AWDC and form a partnership that will help Aboriginal students in the school.

 Going to Uni

The Good Universities Guide provides information on courses, where they are offered and how good the university or TAFE is.

It does NOT give advice about how to how to juggle your lectures and tutorials and how to space out your assignments or how to use the library.

Your social life at uni can be brilliant. Some unis have so many clubs and opportunities that you couldn’t possibly engage with them all. Look up the guild at your university to find out what is going on and find out as much as possible during orientation week.

Gap Year


Taking a gap year between school and further study is becoming more usual for Western Australian students. The value of broadening their world view prior to narrowing their focus to a course is becoming more apparent to many students who want to get a perspective on Western Australia as part of a global economy.

  • The Victorian government has collated information so their site is a good place to find unbiased information about your options.
  •  provides information and linkages with volunteer programs.
  • One program for 17 – 24 volunteers is Latitude which offers a range of managed opportunities in different countries.
  • The Department of Defence has a structured gap year program for school leavers. Applications for that have closed for 2017.
  • The Rotary Youth Exchange  program is a year students can spend overseas before they finish year 12 and there are numerous volunteer programs run by aid agencies.

If you want to take a gap year, you apply for university through the normal TISC process at school (or apply directly to Notre Dame) then defer for a year knowing that you have a secure university place to return to.