In Focus Careers

What’s Important?


If you want to follow in your family’s career pathway it will be easy to decide what to do when you finish school.

If you don’t have strong links with family career pathways deciding what to do will be more difficult.

Get Some Experience

If you don’t know what is possible you will be making choices from a limited range of jobs.

  • Go to Seek and check out volunteer opportunities or check out the WA government supported volunteer programs. You can get experience across a broad range of jobs and find out about work in those fields.
  • Join our a cadet program. There is a big range including emergency services, air force and red cross cadets.
  • Part time jobs are a great way of learning about the workplace.
  • Run your own business from school with $20 Boss
  • Join a collaborative working space and start your own social enterprise.

Quick Fix

There is no quick fix for deciding how you want to serve the world. There are some games that can lead you to appreciate the natural talents you have to offer.

Curtin University’s Campus Quest is fun.

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The Defence Force offers free psychometric tests here. Click the links at the top right of the page.

Unearth what is important to you by doing the In Focus Values Clarification quiz

Try this Simple Technique for Discovering Your Purpose.

Career Centre WA

Find excellent career quizzes and aptitude tests via this free welcome_door_glow government site.

You can contact them online, call them on 13 23 98 or drop into their Centre on the 7th floor of the old Perth general post office building opposite the water playground in Forrest Place. 

There are 28 regional government career centres in WA. Find one near you.

 My Future

colorful-markers-2 (2015_06_06 00_39_20 UTC)My Future is the best national career exploration site in Australia…..but it is no longer free in WA.

Government schools and many private schools have subscribed on behalf of their students. You can get a personal subscription for about $15.

By working through the site, you will get a very good idea of what you want to do for the next 5 years.

You can get an idea of how good this service is by following My Future on Twitter

Job Outlook

This gives lots of information about jobs and careers. There is a career quiz on the site but they have a disclaimer saying they don’t guarantee the results will be accurate!!

Seek Learning 

Seek Learning is the same company as the Seek job search company. It has developed some excellent personality and aptitude tests.


The Univerity of WA Career Hub questionnaire is designed to help you to dig deep and make effective career decisions.

Curtin University 

The Curtin Career Matcher requires you to create an account. That seems okay and the quiz seems comprehensive.

Murdoch University 

Murdoch University has a Course Finder which seems to do the same things as career, aptitude and personality tests.

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