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Check Out Existing Jobs

Seek is Australia’s biggest non-government job site. Check out what jobs are available in your chosen field, how much they pay, where you can find those jobs.

Seek provides lots of advice, it provides tips on how to write a resume, how to do well in an interview and it tries to sell you courses.

Australian Job Search – Australia’s largest free online jobs website.

Aboriginal Support Services

The State and Commonwealth governments and private agencies provide support to Aboriginal job seekers. Check here for more information.


There is a mountain of information available about Apprenticeships. I have tried to group it for you here.


When looking for information about TAFE courses look for sites with  “” in them. For example These are government sites and you will get unbiased information. Sites listed with “com” in them may be trying to sell you something.

You can get so many jobs from TAFE and study in so many different places and ways that it is best to get personal career advice from the unbiased experts so that you make the right decision.


The Western Australian Careers Centre  will also provide you with free advice about universities in WA. Each university provides career information for future students.




Edith Cowan

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Gap Year

Look to the Victorian Government site for youth that provides unbiased information about gap year programs. also provides links to gap year opportunities.