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  1. Your first copy will be emailed to you soon.
  2. I will ask you to send through the list of staff you would like me to add to your school email group. Most schools have 6 – 10 staff on their list. A few just have one.
  3. I will send them all their copy and tell them that they are welcome to reuse the information however they wish within your school community.
  4. Each month you will get your new monthly issue with:
    • Information for students and families;
    • A section of events, resources and research for education professionals; and
    • The final section is an events calendar.
  5. You can relax,  knowing you have all the information you need to help your students to unearth their best path to their next chapter.

If your school already subscribes I can add you to your school email group.

The cost to schools is $25/issue. Once you are set up with your school email group I will send through the invoice.

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

For In Focus Careers to be the conduit to Insanely Great Careers Information for West Australian Students.


Bev Johnson

To achieve this I:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year that focus on the needs of West Australian students and careers teachers.
  • Search for local, national and international information that could impact on the careers of West Australian students.
  • Consult across the In Focus Careers network gathering information and advice to share.
  • Listen to and support West Australian careers teachers

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