Career Magic

In Focus Careers links you to insanely great career information.

  • Discover a world of opportunities.
  • Discover free support and scholarships.
  • Save time, money and anxiety.

Through a vast network of experts you will unearth your best path through your volatile and exciting world.

Insanely Great Newsletter for High Schools

cropped-that-makes-you.pngThe In Focus Careers Newsletter is a monthly powerpack of information for schools. It puts you in front when it comes to finding career opportunities.

Thanks Bev. Your newsletter has become my bible. I will most definitely be subscribing next year.

Get a complimentary copy of my insanely great newsletter 

Insanely Great Career Counselling


Insanely great career advice from Bev

Caring more is my unfair advantage

I care about whether or not you find your right path to your best possible future.

Being unsure can be distressing, and it’s such a waste to be doing what you aren’t meant to be doing.

Match what you love with your special attributes and line up your perfect future.

Insanely Great Teaching Resources

I am having the Year 10 Magic Happens Careers Handbook proofread now. It will be ready and available FREE OF CHARGE to subscribing schools in November. There is a Year 10 Magic Happens workbook for students and a Teachers’ Handbook. 

Please let me know when the Year 10 Magic Happens Careers Handbook is ready.

Contact me at or M: 0434056412

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

To help West Australians to discover their best possible future I:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year.
  • Provide insanely great personal career counselling.
  • Create resources that make life easy for teachers and inspirational for students.
  • Deliver the best possible information via presentations to schools.
  • Build and support an insanely great network of teachers, industry experts and parents who help to deliver dazzling career information for all West Australians.










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