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Chief Evangelist for Insanely Great Career Education in WA

Every school leaver needs a path to their best possible future. 

The path won’t be clear. It will attract just a hint of interest, a whisper of a promise.

Seeing in students what they can’t see for themselves is the role of the careers educator. Unearthing their hints and hearing their whispers is your job.

Shining a light on the path to their best possible future is what you do.

In Focus Careers supports the delivery of insanely great careers education in WA.

Year 10 Magic Happens Handbook and Hacks for Career Teachers


Magic Happens 22inch (smaller)

The Year 10 Magic Happens 2020 Career Development Handbook is available to West Australian schools that subscribe to the In Focus Careers Newsletter.

It’s called Magic Happens because Year 10s change like magic throughout the year. This Handbook helps you to guide the magic.

Career Teacher Hacks

It comes with a Handbook of ideas and support for careers teachers. It’s the one with the Super Hero on the cover.

Magic Happens The Magic Happens career resources are available to schools that subscribe to the In Focus Careers Newsletter.

As a member of the In Focus Careers Community you will:

  • Receive 10 copies of the newsletter that has a section for Students and Families, one for practitioners and a calendar.
  • Be able to tap into the expertise of the community, and contribute to it.
  • Receive copies of new and updated career resources.


My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

I am an evangelist for insanely great careers education. I:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers Newsletter per year.
  • Create resources that give you the power to deliver insanely great careers education.
  • Connect you with insanely great careers experts across the In Focus Careers community.

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