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In Focus Careers provides insanely great career information so that you don’t miss out on jobs, courses and amazing opportunities emerging in our volatile and exciting world.

Through the vast network of experts you will find the advice you need to start your best path to your future.

Insanely Great Newsletter for High Schools

cropped-that-makes-you.pngThe In Focus Careers Newsletter is a monthly powerpack of information for schools. It puts you in front when it comes to finding career opportunities.

Thanks Bev. Your newsletter has become my bible. I will most definitely be subscribing next year.

Get a complimentary copy of my insanely great newsletter. 

Insanely Great Career Counselling


Insanely great career advice from Bev

Caring more is my unfair advantage

I care about whether or not you find your right path to your best possible future.

Being unsure can be distressing, and it’s such a waste to be doing what you aren’t meant to be doing.

Match what you love with your special attributes and line up your perfect future.

Insanely Great Teaching Resources

I am having the Year 10 Magic Happens Careers Handbook proofread now. It will be ready and available FREE OF CHARGE to subscribing schools in November. There is a Year 10 Magic Happens workbook for students and a Teachers’ Handbook. 

Please let me know when the Year 10 Magic Happens Careers Handbook is ready.

Contact me at or M: 0434056412

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

To help West Australians to discover their best possible future I:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year.
  • Provide insanely great personal career counselling.
  • Create resources that make life easy for teachers and inspirational for students.
  • Deliver the best possible information via presentations to schools.
  • Build and support an insanely great network of teachers, industry experts and parents who help to deliver dazzling career information for all West Australians.









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