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Careers Heroes Needed

Be the careers hero students and families need. Get the West Australian careers news the professionals use. 

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Thanks Bev. Your newsletter has become my bible. I will most definitely be subscribing next year.

In my insanely great newsletter there is a section:

  1. to send to students and families under your school banner,
  2. for careers teachers that will make you the expert;
  3. with a careers calendar of events and deadlines listed for months ahead.

For a complimentary copy of the latest issue email me: 

Check out the West Australian careers news that the professionals use. Get a complimentary copy of my insanely great newsletter. 

Caring more is my unfair advantage.

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My name is Bev and I am a career advisor based in Perth. In Focus Careers is my own freelance business, which I have built around the values of wisdom, creativity and caring for the futures of West Australians.

I’d love to help you to develop your ideal career plan.

Contact me at or M: 0434056412

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

To help West Australians to discover what is possible and achieve their dreams I will:

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year.
  • Provide insanely great personal career counselling.
  • Deliver the best possible information via presentations to schools.
  • Build and support an insanely great network of teachers, industry experts and parents who help to deliver dazzling career information for all West Australians.

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