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Career Magic

Join the In Focus Careers Network of insanely great West Australian career educators.

Honestly Bev. I feel sorry for schools that don’t get your Newsletter. I don’t know how they cope. 


Connecting with other West Australians and sharing expertise is the best part of joining.

Schools link in asking questions, requesting connections or sharing news.  Industry groups share their information and connect with others through the Network.

Insanely Great Newsletter for High Schools

Teachers are the focus of the newsletter. They can:

  • Share the careers information for students under the school banner,
  • Become careers experts with links to the latest research, new teaching resources and PD opportunities, and
  • Plan the school career calendar using the Monthly Calendar of Events.

Join now: 

Resources like the Year 10 Handbook and Teachers’ Guide have been developed in response to requests from teachers.

Year 10 Magic Happens 2020 Career Handbook

I called the Handbook Magic Happens because so many Year 10s change like magic in front of our eyes from the start of the year, to the end.

Subscribing schools get the Year 10 Magic Happens 2020 Career Development Handbook. It is designed for those Year 10 classes that do a “careers” subject for a semester.

Magic Happens Handbook cover

Hacks for Career Teachers

The Handbook comes with a Teachers’ Handbook.

Caring more is my unfair advantage

In WA careers teachers are often the poor relation when it comes to school budgets and priorities.

It is a rare and enlightened school where careers experts play a vital role in guiding the pedagogy that drives student preparation for life after school.

I endeavour to capture the experiences, advice and wisdom of these leaders and share it through the In Focus Careers Network.

You can contact me at or M: 0434056412

My Commitment to West Australian Careers Education

To help West Australians to become insanely great careers educators I….

  • Write 10 insanely great issues of In Focus Careers newsletter each year.
  • Build an insanely great network of teachers, industry experts and parents who are supporting insanely great careers education for all West Australian students.
  • Create resources that make teachers into Super Heroes as they inspire students.
  • Deliver the best possible information via presentations.




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