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Don’t get stuck at school if you hate it. There’s a better path for you.

WRONG WAY: Just stop going to school.

  • People from the Department of Education will chase you up to find what’s going on.

  • You will cut ties with your friends and your support network of teachers, student services, VET coordinators, career advisors at school. 

  • You could end up alone and feeling lost. 

BETTER WAY: Do this preparation.

Leave School Early


Step 1: Talk with family and friends

Don’t shock your family and friends by just dropping out of school. They will get upset and add to your stress. 

Talk with them, flag the idea of leaving school early. Ask what they think. Get their ideas and support. 

Step 2: Get expert information

Your Mum’s best friend or your maths teacher is not the expert that you need right now. There’s a lot to know about leaving school. Talk to an expert whose full time job it is to know about career pathways.  

This mind map provides links to expert information about leaving school in WA.  Play with different links to see what’s available. Write down questions to ask your career advisor. 

Meet with your school career advisor

Take a list of questions. 

  • If you don’t know what you want to do, they will explore different opportunities with you. 
  • They can help you to get a job application ready. 
  • They can link you with an apprenticeship/traineeship company that employs lots of apprentices. 

Jobs and Skills Centre free information and advice

Jobs and Skills Centres are co-located at TAFE colleges. There are 17 across WA and they provide free information, advice and support. 

Industry Training Hubs

If you live in the Wanneroo or Armadale areas, engage with the Industry Training Hub. They are set up to help students to engage with people from different industries to find out what is involved. 

Private Career Practitioners

Look up “career practitioners” in your “suburb”. There will be career practitioners who can be employed to guide you through the process from school into a job or further study. 

Step 3: How to leave school

  • Get your career advisor and family to help you to arrange a full-time job, enrol in a full-time course or a combination of both. 
  • Get your parents to fill out an Exemption from full time schooling and submit it to your school.

It needs to go to the Minister for Education. They won’t come back with a flat “no” but you may be asked to add some more information to your application. 

Once you have permission you can leave:

  • Get a copy of your latest report.
  • Get references from supportive teachers.
  • Check with the front office to see if you have forgotten anything. 

Say goodbye to your life as a school student 


Common pathways from school

1. Nursing

2. Computing pathway

There are so many computing jobs. Learn the hard, foundation, boring stuff. It will put you way ahead of others who focus on pretty, creative computing. 

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Bev Johnson Director, In Focus Careers

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