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3 (now 4!) resources that introduce ChatGTP and give ideas on how to use it in teaching

Chat GTP  was released on 30 November and is the fastest technology adoption in history BY FAR.

The free account is being used by developers while they improve the platform. It uses data up to the end of 2021.

Most of us are just playing with it to see what is possible. 

Beginners’ Tutorial

Search “How to use ChatGTP” and you will get a heap of great videos that introduce the basics. It’s pretty easy to use.

Teaching Ideas

I found this Teacher’s Prompt Guide to ChatGTP by Andrew Herft on LinkedIn then followed him @herfteducator on Twitter. He puts up posts about ChatGTP every day. 

How to use ChatGTP in Career Counselling

Lucy Sattler from Study Work Grow then posted this more specific set of slides for career practitioners. You can get the slides on LinkedIn  and you can find the full article with tips on how to use ChatGTP in career counselling.  

Thanks, Lucy

Lucy also suggests that we follow Leon Furze, Adriano D and Ben Vaughan.

I would add Kim Flintoff   who is posting about it on the Learning Futures Network on LinkedIn and Facebook.

NEW: How can we design for learning in an AI world? 

This is exactly what I needed.

If you are thinking of using Chat GTP in your education program, this is an excellent article that will get you off on a sound start. 

This is the first article I have read that links ChatGTP to education theory. It is exactly what we need. It was shared on LinkedIn and I have printed it off as it delivers some profound insights. If 

Just start playing

ChatGTP is so easy to use that you can just start playing with it. Once you have an account and have learned the basics, your imagination will be your only limitation. 

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I asked Chat GTP to create a blurb for my newsletter. It came up with this. I have changed it very little as I think it is better than anything I could have written.

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