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Chat GTP will allow you to focus on more professional, higher level career advice

Chat GTP is so easy to use that it will revolutionise career education.

By providing some basic information and asking “what careers can I do?” you will get a specific answer that guides further explorations. 

Try it

Get a ChatGTP account. Give it some basic information.

I tried this example:

  • I am a school student
  • I want to help people
  • I love sport
  • I live in Western Australia

and added “what careers can I do?”

It gave me these suggestions:

  • Sports coach: You could become a coach for a sports team or organization and help athletes improve their skills and reach their goals.
  • Physical therapist: If you are interested in healthcare, you could become a physical therapist and help people recover from injuries or conditions that affect their movement.
  • Athletic trainer: As an athletic trainer, you would work with athletes to prevent and treat injuries, and help them stay in top physical condition.
  • Sports broadcaster: If you have a talent for communication, you could become a sports broadcaster and share your knowledge and passion for sports with a wider audience.
  • Sports journalist: As a sports journalist, you could report on the latest developments in the world of sports and share your insights with readers.

It isn’t a perfect list but it is information that provides a great start for further exploration using something sophisticated like MyFuture  or the judgement and guidance as a career professional.

Why you need to use Chat GTP

Chat GTP is going to change our world. It will give us time to make career education student-centric for ALL of our students. We will be able to focus on providing higher level, professional support and advice. 

Keep ahead of the AI wave and learn as much as you can this year so that you can be a leader in how AI can change our industry. Share your ideas on LinkedIn or Facebook so that we all support each other. 

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Bev Johnson Director, In Focus Careers


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