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Year 10: How to approach university open days in WA

Go to university open days before you make your subject selections for Years 11 & 12.

Fun at Curtin Open Day

University Open Days are fun. There are exhibitions and tech games and experiments and food vans and displays.

You will broaden your knowledge of what is possible.

You may discover ideas to motivate crazy dreams. Remember, dreams come in a whisper not in a shout.

Which University is best for YOU?

Most students will choose a university close to where they live.

Some universities are better than others at delivering support to students. Each university has a different feel and special attraction.

Check out the WA Unis HERE.


Career Quizzes

There is so much to see and do that they can be a bit overwhelming. You can do some preparation before you go by doing some career quizzes. Your results may help you to narrow down where you go and what you want to see at the Open Day.

Hear Your Dream Aptitude Quizzes 2022

First in Family to Go to Uni

Even if your whole family has been to university, you will find information, tips and ideas on the First in Family site that will help you to come to understand the world of universities.

Planning Your Open Day

Make it a big outing.

Go with a friend. Your family and friends are the greatest influence on your career choice. If you can get both to go with you to an Open Day, you will have your power group around you.

  • Check out public transport and parking restrictions on the campus.
  • Where is the main admin building and where are the toilets?
  • Download a campus map.
  • Check the Open Day program and choose what you want to explore.
  • Plan your route and schedule any special events you want to see.

On Arrival

Don’t Rush

  • Get an Open Day map and program.
  • Find a coffee shop or nice place to retreat to and check the layout of the campus and events. 
  • Plan your route and schedule, including university accommodation tours.

Don’t Miss

  • Find the coffee shops, library, student services, guild, clubs and sports teams you can join now.
  • Talk to staff and students in different faculties and check out their buildings.
  • Each faculty has lots of different courses. For example, the Education Faculty will have Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary school qualifications.

Uni Opportunities from School

  • Find out about opportunities that are offered to school students by the university.
  • Do they have programs for school students like UniReady or Aspire or student mentor outreach programs that you can engage with at school?
  • You may be able to join sports clubs, computer clubs, acting classes.


If you get interested in data analytics, you will find that you need Specialist Maths.

Some health courses require chemistry or physics. You can check course prerequisites for 2024 HERE.

Uni Words


Vocabulary Meaning
Campus The sites where the university is located.
Faculty The academic staff who work in a division or school at a university, or even the school itself, like the Education Faculty. 
Degree A degree is the standard university qualification and is recognised worldwide. Most degrees take three to four years to complete.
Bachelor Degree The first degree you study at university is called an undergraduate degree, e.g. Bachelor of Arts.
Undergraduate A person who has not yet completed their first degree.
Level Level 1 = your first yearLevel 2 = your second yearLevel 3 = your third year
Courses A 3 year Bachelor degree course has 24 units:

·       12 Level 1 units @ 6 subjects/semester

·       8 Level 2 units @ 4 subjects/semester

·       4 Level 3 units @ 2 per semester

You can mix this up, but you can’t do more than 12 first year units and you need to do at least 4 third year units.

Major  A major is your chosen area to study. You will do a sequence of units in that field right through your degree.


In 2022 some universities are asking you to register prior to the event and to do all you can to prevent spreading COVID 19. 

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