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Year 11: How to approach university open days


If you have already been to an open day in years 9 and 10 you will know:

  • How to get to the campus.
  • How long it takes to get there.
  • Where the Open Day takes place.
  • Where to find food vans, toilets, library.
  • Where to find different exhibitions and lecture theatres. 
  • How to read the presentation and demonstration schedule.

Get an authentic experience this year

Plan to go with a friend

Ask your peers to go with you and your family. What they are interested in? Make sure you know what they might want to explore. Make a commitment to support each other at the open day.

Don’t forget your parents. They will have the biggest influencers on your career choices, but there is a great deal of benefit to be gained by going with peers. 


In 2022 some universities are asking you to register prior to the event and to do all you can to prevent spreading COVID 19. 


Check the university open day web page with your parents and friends to find details about any special courses that you want to investigate or talks you want to attend. 

You may need to change the time you attend to see a presentation that is of interest to your career choice. 

On the Day

Find out how uni works

Each degree is made up of subjects (units) for which you get points. (Check First in Family site)

  • Ask how many years it will normally take as a full time student to get enough points for a degree.
  • Ask about subject choices for each of the courses you are interested in. There will be handouts. 

Find out how to get started BEFORE you go to uni

Ask about programs the university has for school students. Some unis have courses for students to take while in year 11. 

  • UWA Has the Aspire Program that engages with schools to support students to succeed in a pathway to UWA
  • Murdoch has the Summer School program that give credit points for uni.
  • ECU has practical courses associated with WAAPA. 

Ask about support programs:

  • UWA has the Aspire program
  • If you can claim disadvantage ask about support programs: are you female going into a non traditional occupations, RRR, migrant, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, do you have a disability? 

Ask about scholarships 

There are many scholarships you can apply for. Ask the careers staff to give you a full breakdown of scholarships that could match your profile. 

If you are interested in staying in uni accommodation, ask what financial support is available. 


There are a million clubs that you can join at university. You have more than a year to make choices so check out a few.  

Why not book an appointment with a career counsellor?

These appointments are free and it is the job of the career counsellor to help students.

If you get this help in Year 11, you will be more settled throughout the rest of the year and through Year 12 because you will have a stronger idea about what you want to do when you leave school. 

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