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5 Career Resources for West Australian High Schools in 2022

You simply don’t have time to do your job AND keep up with all the emerging career opportunities and developments for West Australian students.

In Focus Careers is written for West Australian teachers so that you can be the career expert that parents and students want you to be.

1. Subscribe to In Focus Careers News

2. Get on track for uni in 2023

This is designed to smooth the path of Year 12 students in Western Australia who want to go to uni in 2023

3. Study Coach

Save time. Get better results.

4. Year 10 Magic Happens Career Handbook 

All the career guidance you need to smooth your path to your senior years and beyond.

5. Magic Happens Teachers’ Guide 2022 

All the notes to support the Magic Happens Handbook supported by the latest policies, guidelines and websites. 

Let me know if you need anything else to support you to being an insanely great career educator in 2022.

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