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Australia’s biggest export is it’s topsoil. Aboriginal agriculture deliver solutions to Australian soil damage.

 Australia’s biggest export is it’s topsoil.

Michael Clinch Murchison Regenerative agriculturalist and cattleman

Yallalong station
ABC Murchison Flood photo

Aboriginal agricultural strategies are gaining traction.

Bruce Pascoe produced evidence of how the land was 200 years ago. His book Dark Emu has shown us the shocking damage we have done since we brought European farming methods to this land.

His revolutionary and stubborn determination to demonstrate his strategies on his small farm are frequently aired on ABC radio.

Apparently agriculture students are volunteering to work on his farm to learn from him. 


Central Regional TAFE has started teaching Regenerative Agriculture in Geraldton. 

Curtin University has appointed Australia’s first Indigenous Chair for Biodiversity and Environmental Science.

Dr Stephen van Leeuwen
Dr Stephen van Leeuwen

Charles Sturt University has also recognised the need to start learning and using Aboriginal agricultural knowledge. Read more about its work HERE.

In Western Australia the Food Fibre and Timber Industry Training Council represents the agricultural industry trends and delivers strategic advice to government. If you would like to discuss regenerative agriculture training in Western Australia you can contact them HERE.

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