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Building Back Better – Indigenous Land Management Careers

Greta Thunberg inspired us to stand together and make a noise in the fight for action against climate change. Indigenous land management careers are gaining traction as a uniquely Australian response to climate change which will build back agriculture better.

Greta Thunberg Photo courtesy The Guardian

Careers incorporating traditional land management practices are gaining popularity as Australians work to learn more about sustainable farming.

TAFE’s Move to Traditional Land Management

Murchison environmentalist Michael Clinch told me that…

Australia’s biggest export is its top soil.

Michael Clinch on Murchison rangelands

In response to the regenerative farming movement that is happening across the region, Central Regional TAFE has introduced Indigenous regenerative land management as part of the College’s agricultural program.

First Indigenous Chair for Biodiversity and Environmental Science

Curtin University has appointed Australian ecologist Dr Stephen van Leeuwen as Australia’s first Indigenous Chair for Biodiversity and Environmental Science.

Dr Stephen van Leeuwen
Dr Stephen van Leeuwen

He will lead research programs promoting excellence and innovation in the fields of biodiversity and environmental science through collaborative networks within Indigenous communities and the broader academic community in Western Australia, Australia and internationally.

See Curtin University Environmental Sciences HERE.

Murdoch University also has a reputation for outstanding Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Dark Emu Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture

Bruce Pascoe wrote Dark Emu Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture which revived awareness of the extensive farming practices undertaken across all of Australia prior to Europeans coming. He was recently on 7am talking about work he is doing to regenerate a property using traditional Aboriginal farming methods that he learned while writing his book.

He said young people are showing increasing interest in traditional agriculture and he thinks they will be the ones who will take on Indigenous farming practices with a passion.

You can hear his talk HERE.

Adopting traditional land management practices is an important strategy for regenerating Australia’s farmlands. Starting a career in this field could lead to a life of discovery and achievement.

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