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Where do adults get career advice in WA?

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If you aren’t connected to an employment service provider, where do you find career information in Western Australia? Even adults who do get assistance because they are unemployed, can be pushed into unsuitable jobs by service providers who get paid when they place a person in a job….. any job.

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Families who receive the In Focus Careers News through schools are able to cherry pick from career information for students, but I hadn’t thought to put in a special section just for people who are no longer at school.

Well, that’s about to change. I will start to share them in the In Focus Careers News this month.

This month I have information about the Westfarmers Bootcamp at Muresk, changes to the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, Jobs and Skills Centres and opportunities through the ParentsNext program.

If you have any questions about career opportunities for adults in WA or if you have information about career opportunities for adults, please send it to me at

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