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Covid-19 Career Tips – Network Your Butt Off

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Things have never been tougher for year 12s. If you don’t go back to school, these tips may help you to move forward.

1. Network Your Butt Off to Find a Job


Most jobs in Western Australia don’t get advertised. Even when the job IS advertised, it often goes to someone the employer knows.

Create your network map. It will look something like this. Your place coggle

Once you have your map, get help from a friend or family member to figure how each part of your network could possibly help you to find work.

Put your ideas into a list and work through your list.


Once you have got through the urgent stage to get yourself some money coming in, you may need to get some professional help to decide:

  • what direction you want to take,
  • what problem you would like to solve,
  • what you would like to do for the next couple of years.

Finding your perfect future will take a lot of baby steps and false starts. That’s fine. Life after school is rarely as linear as it has been at school.

2. Don’t Have a Meltdown

These are rotten times. There has never been a greater need to ask for help.

  • No one is breezing through this dreadful time. There are experiences helpers at places like Headspace, Lifeline and Beyond Blue 
  • School pastors and counsellors are still around. Contact them if you need to talk to someone.

3. How to Go Forward

Get a copy of the Year 12 Careers Warriors Covid-19 Career Guide It has some advice on work in a post Covid -19 world.

Year 12 Career Warriors

Go to one of the Jobs and Skills Centres to get more advice and support.

4. Money

Hackers are raining on my parade every day since the Covid-19 hit WA.

They may be offering Year 12s:

  • cheap courses that are useless
  • magic paths forward that seem amazing
  • jobs, where you just work for peanuts for months.

Scammers don’t come with a crowbar and mask. They are more likely to smile and try to become your friend.

These three sites  provide great advice:


You KNOW that people are going to try to scam you.

New amazing courses…for a VERY REASONABLE PRICE!

Magic plans to get you into an amazing course at uni.

Opportunities to work … forever… FOR NOTHING!!

The Money Smart site is information provided by the government. It is NOT trying to sell you anything.

It has information about how to cope with Covid-19.

It has a section about Studying that includes where to get financial help and how to plan a budget.  It also provides advice on Moving Out of Home. 


Fair work ombusdman

I hope the crisis has caused the government to put more staff on at the Fair Work Ombudsman office.

They are the ones you go to for help on the issues above.


The Youth Central site is in Victoria. It provides information on how to prepare and what to look out for when you are leaving home.

Before you sign a lease you can check what you are signing up for HERE.

5. Studying Next Year


TISC Undergraduate

TISC will provide you will all of the information you will need about applying for university for 2021.

Applications close on about 30 September, but you can still apply after that by paying a late fee.

Notre Dame University in Fremantle has its own application process and you need to apply to the university directly.


Check with Jobs and Skills Centres to find what is happening with TAFE, and all VET courses.

The long term earnings of Certificate IV and Diploma graduates is equal to those of people who have degrees.

If you do a course where there is high demand for workers, the course fees will be much lower than if you do a course like art.

Check out the State Priority Occupation (government subsidised) courses at the bottom of this link to see what courses have lower fees.

Find more information about TAFE courses HERE.



The counselling services at all of the universities are free. The staff are professional and they want you to enrol in the right course for you.

Check the website of the uni of your choice and book an appointment.

If you are going to uni, go to the orientation week. There will be students there who are looking for new students to help so that they can get leadership skills. Get one of them as a mentor.

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Author: Bev Johnson

A fantastic careers teacher may have changed my life. I've spent my career going from job to job. After washing cars and working in bars I went into marketing. I then became an English teacher. Teaching has been the foundation for a lot of my career. I went into TAFE where I designed participation programs, then into HR, then developed training programs for industry.  I taught e-commerce and developed systems to make it easier for organisations to work together. I kept going for scholarships and going back to uni along the way. At one time I became a world expert on collaboration frameworks, and discovered it was tricky having a conversation about THAT with anyone I knew!! I now focus on delivering information that helps careers teachers to be fantastic. You can tap into my expertise by subscribing to my newsletter. Contact me at or M: 0434056412

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